Howard Berman’s end of campaign party


Kat Russell

Story by Carly Gillis and Stefanie De Leon Tzic

Democratic Congressman Brad Sherman led Democratic Congressman Howard Berman by 19 percent with 10 percent of precincts reported early this morning.

Dense fog prevented a helicopter from delivering ballots to a registrar’s office in the city of Norwalk, which left both candidates waiting longer for results. Sherman had 59.4 percent of the votes while Berman only had 40.6 percent.

“I don’t know how this will turn out,” Berman said at an Encino campaign site Tuesday night. “If we win, we celebrate. If we lose, we can be disappointed for a while, but don’t disengage.”

Both Democratic representatives were pitted against each other following the redistricting of the 30th district based on 2010 Census data. Although Berman has been endorsed by some big names and organizations, including President Barack Obama, Gov. Jerry Brown and the Los Angeles Times, Sherman took the lead in the primaries and consistently rated higher in the polls.

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