Pros and cons of Measure B

Pros and cons of Measure B

Jim McLauchlin

Ballots in California are typically chockablock with voter initiatives and in Los Angeles County, voters will have a say in a major regulation affecting a significant back-yard industry.

L.A. County Measure B, if passed, would require performers in adult films to use condoms. L.A. County is home to an estimated 80% of the adult film business, and is the home of major production companies such as Vivid Entertainment and Xposed Entertainment.

The L.A.-based AIDS Healthcare Foundation is the major proponent of Measure B. It cites public health concerns and the long-term costs of treating AIDS as reasons to vote “yes.”

Measure B is opposed by a broad coalition of adult entertainment interests, who cite free speech concerns, the unnecessary creation of a government bureaucracy to regulate, and fear of a large L.A. County job-creating industry’s flight as reasons to oppose.