CSUN student builds unique tall bicycle

CSUN student builds unique tall bicycle

Brita Potenza

Sitting on a couch in the back of the photo lab Sean Moore opens up a family sized box of Lucky Charms. “It’s never okay to skip breakfast,” Moore says sarcastically.

In between handfuls of marshmallows and sugary cereal bites he explains that this is his last year at CSUN. Moore will be graduating with a photography degree in the hope of pursuing a life as a professional photographer, specifically to photograph to live music.

“Music photography, in my opinion, is one of the most spontaneous and energetic forms of photography. Being able to conquer the fast moving subjects and constantly changing lights and still get an amazing photograph is what drives my passion for documenting live music.”

Within minutes of time spent with Moore you can see his personality shine through any projection of seriousness he was attempting to have during this interview. His sarcastic comments and silly humor are quick to catch.

Even with these qualities there is something else that makes Moore stand out in a crowd. Towering over anyone around him, Moore gets from class to class on what he calls his “tall bike.” With one adult bike and a kid’s bike frame welded together Moore rides in the clouds, grabbing everyone’s attention as he passes by.

Though it is not the defining element of Moore, it is a fitting addition for his unmatched character.