Community mourns Metrolink crash victims at memorial

Kristopher A. Fortin

In the distance, Alexis, broke down in tears in front of a fireman at the memorial for the Metrolink crash victims in Chatworth. She said that she knew him and that he was one of the first people at the scene of the Metrolink accident in Chatsworth. Alexis, who wished not to be named, said that she didn’t know anyone involved in the accident until she saw the fireman and he told her his story of what happened.

‘You don’t truly understand until you look at the anguish on someone else’s face,’ Alexis said.

Family members of the passengers that survived and died and people unconnected with the crash that wanted to pay their final respects to the victims of the Metrolink accident in Chatsworth joined together for a candlelight vigil at Chatsworth train station Friday night.

Haley Giz, 15, and Kristen Kiertzner, 17, organized the event with the initial intention to leave candles at the train station, until the City Council stepped in and added extra support.

‘It was so close. It made me realize how connected I was,’ Giz said.

She added that she felt honored to be apart of the healing process by organizing the event.

Candles were lit for every passenger on the train the day of the accident and 25 special candles were lit for the people that lost their lives.

A widowed mother and her children spoke to crowd about the father and husband that died in the crash.

Posterboards and flowers were left on the side of the Metrolink station with messages to people that died on the crash and others that wanted to send their apologies.

Rosanna, 10 years old, wrote on one of the poster boards, ‘I did not know anyone on this train but I feel really bad and thank you for all who helped out.’