Car accident claims lives of twin brothers

Katt O'Neill

A single car crash led to the death of 23-year-old twin brothers, one of whom is a student at CSUN, on Monday morning in the Hollywood Hills.

David and Jesse Brackett were believed to be heading back home at 2:35 a.m. Monday when they collided into a parked U-Haul truck. Jesse was the driver of a 1996 Acura while his twin brother David, a CSUN student, was in the front passenger seat.

‘We are still unsure where they were coming from, but they were very close to home,’ said Detective Michael Dickson from the West Traffic Division.

Jesse was killed instantly, said Dickson, while David was transported to the hospital and died within an hour ‘as a result of injuries.’

The accident took place on Beachwood Drive, north of Glen Oak Street in the Hollywood Hills, said Dickson.

‘As of right now alcohol doesn’t seem to be a factor, but we know that speed was a factor because of some eyewitnesses who talked to us,’ he said.

Jesse and David lived at home with their parents and they were the only children.

‘We always felt welcomed and were invited by their parents, it was a loving family,’ said Max Preminger, who knew the Brackett twins for 11 years. ‘They are eight days younger than me’hellip;This cannot be real.’

Ben McCully, a roommate of Jesse and a good friend of the Brackett twins said, ‘They drove there every single day of their life’hellip;It’s the only road that takes them home.’

The accident has been tragic and heart-breaking to Jesse and David’s parents, said Josh Kennedy, a best friend of David for eight years. ‘(They are) wishing to God it never happened ‘amp; wish they can have their kids back.’

Jesse was a student at Valley Community College and worked at a coffee shop, and he and David were saving money to move out together, said Kennedy.

The twins were both avid snowboarders and enjoyed skateboarding.

‘If you saw one, you would see the other,’ said McCully. ‘They were both very outgoing’hellip;They came to the world together and they left together.’

David transferred from Los Angeles Community College to CSUN and recently changed his major to business management.

‘David wanted to establish his own business, that was one of his goals in life,’ said Preminger. David also was the one to introduce Preminger to playing the guitar as well as snowboarding.

Preminger, who had difficult time sharing his memories about the twins, said, ‘They have grown very close to each other in the past recent years’hellip;I don’t remember having hung out with one without the other.’

‘The best memory I have of David is him being goofy and funny all the time’hellip;There is not a time I saw him and he didn’t have that great smile,’ added Preminger. David smart kid who worked hard and loved his family, he said.

‘David can always make you laugh, even when you don’t want to,’ said McCully.

‘David wanted to travel across Europe, especially to visit Greece,’ said Kennedy.

Family and friends gathered for a memorial service Monday night where the accident took place. Many friends placed candles and flowers, while Preminger left Jesse the skateboard they once bought together, which he signed and gave to the Brackett’s parents.

According to Dickson, the case is still under investigation as many details are still unclear about this accident.

‘They were two young guys that died too early, they had a whole future ahead of them, said McCully. ‘It’s not fair.’