McCain: Why he?s the candidate for me

Conor Lansdale

As a third year student here at CSUN I am still in sophomore standing due to my priorities of placing personal goals and achievements above those of scholastic goals.’ I serve on the InterFraternity Council, act as a new student orientation leader, the appointed CSUN board member of the Northridge East Neighborhood Council, and also the Associated Students senator of all lower division students.

As with any leadership role, I must have strong convictions when I discuss any issue that I feel knowledgeable about or those that have relevance at the time and that is the same way a United States presidential candidate should behave.’

Our next president must make decisions in the best interest of this nation and not pander to the outspoken masses. They must show their true colors at all times and that’s why I am voting for Sen. John McCain who has the empirical knowledge, credibility, and network that comes from working with bipartisan leaders in both Washington and around the world, and will help provide strong leadership and positive long-term change in America.

I was raised in a military family, with my father serving in the U.S. Navy for 14 years as an aviator, who graduated from Top Gun and later served in the first Gulf War.’ My childhood is full of memories of how politicians can easily turn Americans lives upside down in one script of their pen.’

The U.S. has been the democratic banner guard since World War II; we need a president that would continue to keep our defense and national duty to protect those less fortunate.’ If the U.S. were to enter negotiations with terrorists, or Extreme Ideologists, we would allow them to win and as soon as we blink they would strike.’

Through his military experience both as a pilot and prisoner of war, McCain has a real understanding of how the U.S.’s enemies think and how they would seek to hurt us.’

There is only one main candidate that the American people can trust to make the best choices for our continued safety and to keep our global duties as a superpower and that person is McCain.’

The main issue in America right now is the economy. McCain has the best plan to handle this situation, first by asking for the resignation of the current Security and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) chairman who is responsible for the regulation and oversight of our economy, keeping taxes low no matter what your annual income is and also ensuring that the economic market is able to operate freely and not be over regulated.

The reason why low taxes are so vital to the growth of our economy is because when taxes are low people have higher incentives to pay their taxes on time and in full.’ The wealthy are the people who have worked hard to get where they are financially and should be encouraged to continue to do well, since they are the people who will be hiring the low to middle class workers. If the U.S. begins to tax those at the ‘top’, the bottom would surely be affected negatively.’ The U.S. should not be a welfare state, like we are today. We should be creating domestic jobs and limiting entitlements and handouts.’

As a republican I believe the economy works best as a free market that allows the majority to decide the price of goods and keep the prices fair. The SEC is there to act as guardrails to make sure firms do not start to influence the market poorly, such as short-selling of commodities like oil which contributed to higher gas prices.’ Also, McCain supports ‘all of the above’ alternative fuel options.

I am voting for Sen. John McCain on Nov. 4, 2008 and hope that most Americans do the same.’ So on election day next week please go out to vote, and remember what my dad always told me growing up, ‘opinions are like assholes, everybody’s got one.”