CSUN has best year ever with $28.8 million in 2003-04 fundraising

Daily Sundial

The 2003-2004 school year became the best year for fundraising for CSUN. It was the fifth consecutive year in which CSUN has topped its yearly fundraising total.

A total of $28.8 million in monetary support came from corporations, alumni and parents. Of those $28.8 million, more than $17 million came from entrepreneur Roland Tseng.

CSUN Annual Giving Director Todd Prepsky said there are about 12,571 individual donors for the fiscal year 2003-2004. He said the donors are a combination of alumni and corporations.

“They have a choice of what they want to get funded,” Prepsky said. “Some people like to donate to a certain department where they majored in, or some like to donate to the library.”

Fundraising for 2003-2004 topped the amount raised the previous year by about $10 million. CSUN has seen an increase in fundraising since the 1999-2000 year, where it raised $7.8 million in donations.

The bulk of the donations came from the Tseng family collection donation, and about $6.5 million from corporate donations, which together totaled about $24 million.

Alumni donations totaled $791,061, and parent donations composed $139,284 of the total amount. About $151,743 came from other organizations, said John Chandler, spokesperson for the university.

Judy Knudson, vice president of University Advancement said the donations CSUN receives are for scholarships and programs for the university.

Some of the donations received came from small businesses as well, Knudson said. The money raised will assist in funding programs and scholarships for students, she said.

Each year, different programs are able to improve because of the money they receive from fundraising, Knudson said.

Prepsky said alumni are called and mailed letters, asking them to donate to the university and its programs.

“Overall, there are 155,000 (alumni) that live in (the) San Fernando Valley,” said Gray Mounger, assistant vice president of Alumni Relations.