Musical talent celebrates Mexico’s battle of Puebla

Daily Sundial

In honor of Mexico’s Batalla de Puebla, Spanish language radio stations 97.9 La Raza and 96.3 El Sol hosted a musical celebration Sunday at Whittier Narrows Regional Park in South El Monte.

“We are proud to be the first out of the gate with a sensational event,” said David Haymore, vice president and general manager of La Raza 97.9 and El Sol 96.3.

The musical event that was organized and sponsored by Heftel del Rey Entertainment, the Spanish Broadcasting System, and OTRA Beer, introduced some of the biggest names in the Spanish language music industry to Los Angeles radio listeners.

Among the artists who performed were pop stars Yahir, Obie Bermudez, and HA*ASH.

Banda, a form of Mexican regional music, was the most represented at the event. Paquita La Del Barrio, Bronco, and Montez De Durango, with their “Pasito Durangense” (a dance step from the Durango region of Mexico), had listeners of all ages dancing throughout the concert, which began at 11 a.m. and ended at around 6 p.m.

Mexican pop star Yahir, whose career sky-rocketed after participating in “La Academia,” a Mexican version of “American Idol,” was one of the day’s most requested and sought after artist. The minute Yahir stepped on-stage, girls began to scream and displayed posters with messages for their idols.

The minute he began to dance to one of his upbeat melodies, “Buscando Caf?” (Searching for Coffee), the crowd began to scream even louder. Throughout his performance, he signed autographs for fans.

“Yahir is so hot,” said Yoselin Duran, who has been a fan of Yahir since 2002, when he first appeared in TV Azteca’s reality show. “He puts on a good show and I’ve gotten the chance to meet him several times. He’s a really nice person.”

Since Yahir’s first visit to the Los Angeles area, almost two years ago, he has built up a large fan base. He said he always enjoys coming to California.

“I’m getting to enjoy my people,” Yahir said. “It’s not every day that I come to the United States. It’s different when I’m here than when I’m singing in Mexico.”

Yahir said that it’s different in the United States because many people are away from their countries of origin and need music in order to connect with their surroundings. He finished his set with the hit single from his second album, “La Locura,” (the Insanity).

Another performance that caused the crowd to roar was that of the 34-year-old Mexican singer, Gloria Trevi.

Trevi came out thanking the crowd for accepting and supporting her. She said that she had gone through hell and back, and was happy to be performing at the event.

Throughout the day, attendants could purchase tasty treats and were given the opportunity to try out products and take home freebies.