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Big Show meant to be a ‘CSUN party’

The Big Show is an annual spring concert that is paid for entirely by student body fees, whether from the Associated Students or the University Student Union. The Big Show has always been a source of commentary. Up until this year, the concern was that the “Big Show” wasn’t big enough. This year, A.S.’ Student Productions and Campus Entertainment programming body was given the task of making the show big, and it will be. The students in SPACE, on the A.S. Senate, the more than 50 SPACE volunteers, and numerous campus administrators who work together planning this event for more than eight months each year are committed to making it a great event — for CSUN students. After all, students are paying for it. Our first priority is allowing students to benefit from the use of their A.S. fees, not to throw a PR party. Students can bring a guest, but it’s a CSUN party.

Is that a bad thing? Ask some CSUN students. They don’t seem to think so. There is more excitement and school spirit building as a result of Jimmy Eat World, Taking Back Sunday and Mates of State coming to campus than in any previous event we’ve seen. Ask people in the community if they’ve heard about the event. They have, and they’re trying to get a CSUN student to take them. Ask students if they’re excited about what’s coming up this weekend, and they’ll tell you. If you want info about how the show is being planned, how many people and campus departments are working together to put it on, or any detail about the show, ask us. We would have been glad to tell you.

If the Daily Sundial feels that moving to a ticketed structure, which would allow the community to see Jimmy Eat World at CSUN, would be a better idea, we can do that next time, but admission won’t be $1, and spots to students won’t be guaranteed. The costs for tickets to see Jimmy Eat World at the Long Beach Arena are approximately $36 each, not including parking. We could build our own venue here at CSUN, so tickets will cost at least double what they do at Long Beach. And the Sierra Quad will only hold so many people — whether they’re high school students, neighbors, or CSUN students, so the first person to buy the ticket will get in, whether they’re a CSUN student or not. If you’re a CSUN student on a limited budget who can’t afford extras like concert tickets, you stand a much better chance of getting in to see Jimmy Eat World at your own campus this year than you do at Long Beach Arena.

But if the Sundial feels we’d have a better event if we charge $75, open up ticket sales to the community and limit access to students, we can do that, and we’ll be glad to give you full credit for the idea.

This year’s show is a unique opportunity for CSUN. The Sundial frequently writes articles and opinions about the lack of school spirit on campus. This would have been a great opportunity for the Sundial to encourage students to attend the show and bring a non-student friend. That would have accomplished everyone’s aims: A better campus experience for students, more school spirit, and the PR for the campus you desire. The Sundial asked no questions of SPACE, and plenty of info was available about this year’s show.

Once again, Sundial, you got it all wrong.

Leanne Vincent,

Activities Coordinator

Yolanda Anguiano,

SPACE Executive Director

Marina Terteryan,

SPACE Director of Concerts

Jennifer Santos,

SPACE Director of Lectures

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