Whiz, a corner sandwich shop


The Buffalo Blue Cheese cheesesteak sandwich. Photo credit: Cicely Chisholm

Jessica Castellanos

Cheesesteak sandwiches drenched in cheese aren’t just for the city of Brotherly Love anymore. Whiz, “a neighborhood joint,” as they call themselves, is in the heart of Los Angeles.

Whiz is located on Oxford and 6th Street in Los Angeles. They specialize in cheesesteak sandwiches. Photo credit: Cicely Chisholm

The tiny, year-old Koreatown eatery has a large selection of moderately priced cheese-based items. Their specialty being the “Whiz Wit.” It is a Philly cheesesteak sandwich topped with grilled onions and a gooey bright yellow homemade cheese.

The Whiz Wit is their speciality.
The Whiz Wit is their speciality. Photo credit: Cicely Chisholm


Art Sanchez, manager at Whiz, describes their dedication to having the best possible ingredients. “We’re probably the only cheesesteak place in the country that actually makes their own whiz,” said Sanchez.

So for all intents and purposes, we had the Buffalo Bleu Cheese Chicken Cheesesteak, priced at a little over $8. The thinly chopped chicken was served on a lightly salted, but greasy, bread. The blue cheese was flavorful and creamy. It was spicy, but not overwhelming. This was all topped with melting, stretchy, provolone cheese. All the flavors blended together smoothly, but there was no real surprise. Overall, it was interesting to taste, but I will not be ordering this plate again.

Others were more satisfied with their orders. Customers, Kayla Gonzalez and Mariam Shin, split an order of bone-in buffalo wings. The pair paid around $10 for a twelve piece order of wings.

“The wings are spicy, but not too much. I liked them,” said Shin

“I just saw this place passing by,” said Gonzalez. “I’ve had their burgers before, they’re so good.”

The girls insisted that they would be returning customers. Overall, the restaurant does have a growing fan base, thanks to social media like Twitter, Yelp and Instagram. They also plan to expand in the coming year.

Whiz is located at 3901 W. 6th St., Los Angeles, CA 90020. They have their own parking space and outside seating. They also deliver through their website.