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The roads are more safe with undocumented Immigrants having driver’s licenses.

I have heard several people argue against this particular topic, which left me flabbergasted by the ignorance of road safety. I mean, please, we live in Los Angeles- venturing on to the roads is a game of Russian roulette to begin with. Which leads me to ask: why would we not want safer roads?

Full disclosure, I am an international student from Denmark and while I went through the right channels to enter the country (and get my license) it does not change my opinion on undocumented immigrants obtaining a driver’s license.

To blame their circumstances as a reason to ban driver’s licenses and therefore endanger your friends, family and surroundings is profoundly stupid. Yes, they may not be in the country legally, but a driver’s license does not grant visas nor asylum but simply a safer environment for everybody- it is a simple plastic card with a (regrettable) photo, not a Green Card.

Am I sympathetic to aliens in this country being one myself? No, I do not condone illegal immigration. Nonetheless, you may call me selfish but I prefer to share the road with licensed people. We also require tourists to have a valid license (and insurance) before driving in California why should this be any different?