Four poetic expressions of love, beauty, and rhythm


The Drum

By Mike Vincenti

It is the Voice of Bodies-come Alive

to hear the pouncing of All Feet

slapping of hungry Hands,

pulsing of heated Hearts

The wave-length Rhythm

of Thought

Or The Cadence of who We are

Made True through dense Skins-nimble Wrists

molding skeletons

convincing Melody

to Move

Harmony to Breathe

Like no Philosophy


made Clear,

through reasonable


Dynamic faith

to Build

from Silence

the Science of who We are

Unfailing Love

By Rolanda Prince

Love is everlasting,

What a comfort to know.

When life’s obstacles turn against you,

And you’re feeling down and low.

Love kindness will surround you,

Always waiting with open arms.

To give you strength,

And cheer you with it charms.

Love is standing there,

Beside you reaching for your hand.

Waiting to hear your troubles,

Always eager to understand.


By Eddie Cota

it’s the softness of your lips

that makes my eyes drip

with tears of happiness

it’s the way you wear your hair

and the way that you dress

that keeps me in deep suspense

it’s the gentle touch

from the smoothness of your skin

that makes my nerves burn

burn deep within

it’s the tone of your voice

the sound of your laugh

that keeps me following your path

it’s your bodies perfect curves

and the choice of your words

that excites my ears

taking away my nervousness and fears

you’re so beautiful

Beautiful Woman

By Sam Richard

She walked in the room gleaming one degree brighter than

the sun

Her beauty streamed and radiated, a beauty unable to be duplicated

In my direction, she smiled and said “Hi.”

“Hello,” I replied.

She walked past me, and though our words were few, we connected

She’s the epitome of beauty: the beautiful woman