The benefits of having more sex

The benefits of having more sex

Jamie Perez

Sex. Something so taboo and considered a topic to be kept hushed, yet it is something very natural for human beings to engage in. With the mere mention of sex, it tends to spark the interest because it is something that is not often publicly and freely talked about. Sexual attraction to others is something that is instilled within our human nature, and for a good reason: having sex is good for your health!

Research has found multiple health benefits of having sex. Some benefits include:

– People who have sex have a higher level of antibodies that help strengthen your immune system.

– It increases your libido. The more sex you have, the more enjoyable it becomes, and thus the more you crave it.

– It helps women improve bladder control by working the pelvic floor muscles.

– Can help lower blood pressure.

– Counts as exercise by burning five calories per minute.

– Lowers risks of heart attacks.

– Balances estrogen and testosterone levels.

– Decreases pain (instead of reaching for an aspirin, reaching an orgasm will block the pain receptors).

– Men who climax frequently lower their risk of prostate cancer.

– Improves sleep. After reaching climax, the hormone prolactin is released, which causes sleepiness and relaxation.

– Eases stress. Skin contact and emotional connection with your partner can rev up your brain’s reward system.

– Intimacy can increase your overall self-esteem and happiness.

Even though many people are skeptical about bringing the topic up in public, there are elements of sex that are not so controversial to discuss. The health benefits of sex are positive elements that everyone should be aware of.