Keeping your make up fresh under harsh music festival conditions


Photo credit: Esmeralda Ramirez

Esmeralda Ramirez

Here are some tips and tricks for amazing makeup that is long-lasting, even in the mix of the heat and dusty scene of music festivals. With Coachella and Stagecoach right around the corner, many of us might now be thinking of products to keep our faces looking fresh, flawless and sparkly.

Many girls can agree that music festivals are really fun opportunities to express yourselves in a creative and bold way.

Here is a really big tip: make sure to apply moisturizer to your face with SPF. You will be out in the sun and your face needs to be well protected. Also, depending on what type of skin you have, you will either need to apply oil-free or regular moisturizer.

Shown are products that girls can use to doll up festival style. Photo credit: Esmeralda Ramirez
Shown are products that girls can use to doll up festival style. Photo credit: Esmeralda Ramirez

The next steps would be to apply…

Eye shadow Primer

I would recommend using any eye shadow primers from Urban Decay because they are all long lasting and they will work so well with preventing eye shadow from rubbing off.

Tip: Eye shadow base also helps to keep your eyeliner in place without smearing on your upper eyelid.

Eye Shadows

Be open to fun, bright and glittery colors. If you have a big makeup pallet with a variety of colors put it to use! I recommend using makeup eye shadows from Sephora, Urban Decay and Too Faced.


For mascara I highly recommend using Urban Decay Big Fatty Mascara I have been using it for several years it is so long lasting you can even go into a swimming pool with it on and it won’t come off. This is very important at a music festival because your face might get wet by a random persons flying water bottle.


I have been using Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Gel Eyeliner since I was in high school, and it is the best non-smearing eyeliner I have ever used. I definitely recommend it!


For music festivals, I personally wouldn’t recommend using heavy foundation, regardless of how much coverage you think your face needs. It is so uncomfortable wearing lots of face make up, because you’re going to sweat it off on other peoples arms or cloths if you get an arm or shoulder to the face from how crowed it gets. I would recommend using Clinique Age Defense BB Cream (it has SPF 30) as well as Clinique Acne Solutions Liquid Makeup. I mix both of these products together, and together it gives me the perfect coverage that looks very natural and feels so light on my face.

Tips: Sometimes it is difficult to find the perfect color that matches your skin, don’t be afraid to mix colors, similar to painting and mixing colors. I also suggest using your fingers to apply it because makeup brushes collect bacteria if they are not cleaned (my cause of acne), and sponges soak up all your makeup (something I learned through experience).

Finish Power

Depending on how you face feels, you might want to add a little bit of face power to make your face look less shiny. For this, I sometimes use bareMinerals Original Face Powers.

Makeup highlighter

We cannot forget about highlighting your upper cheek bones with a good highlighter. Highlighters are used to give your face a nice movie star type of glow. I recommend using Mineral Veil from bareMinerals.


For lipstick I recommend using any Mac The Matte Lip Lipsticks. It is great lip wear, because you can drink and eat and it doesn’t come off easily. I just recommend kissing your significant other with this lipstick on, they might not be big fans of it on themselves.

If you don’t plan on wearing lipstick, I recommend using Maybelline Baby Lips Moisturizing Lip Balm they keep your lips feeling so soft even after it comes off. Your lips will not only feel soft but will also be protected from the sun because they have SPF.

Tip: Apply any form of lip balm before applying lipstick (this helps in applying lipstick smoothly, especially when using matte lipsticks).

Now your ready to dance night and days away with a flawless face. Be creative and have fun with it!