Crime log


The following information was provided by the CSUN police’s Daily Summary Report:


Parole Violation

A CSUN police officer contacted Anthony Figlio, walking southbound on Zelzah Avenue. Figlio matched the description of a male who allegedly made inappropriate comments on campus earlier in the day. Figlio had a “no bail warrant” and was taken into custody. Figlio is not a CSUN student.

06/23/05 False

Information to a

Police Officer

A CSUN police officer conducted a traffic stop of a vehicle driven by Marc Grande. Grande provide a false name to the officer four times and was arrested for providing false information to a police officer. Grande is not a CSUN student.

06/18/05 Driving

Under the Influence

A CSUN police officer observed Hrant Haroutunian driving his vehicle erratically. Haroutunian’s vehicle struck a dividing wall while attempting to turn. He was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol. Haroutunian is not a CSUN student.