The act of giving to the community

Kathleen Johnson

Transforming good deeds into good feelings is one of the top ways in achieving happiness and gratification for oneself. Volunteering for a good cause gives individuals a sense of purpose and allows them to connect and act selflessly towards another human being.

Here is a list of a few charities surrounding the CSUN campus:

Jumpstart Northridge

18111 Nordhoff st Northridge CA 91330

This organization works rigorously to support in educating low income children between the the ages of 3-5 with literary skills and prepares them for a life of success. They work with CSUN as well, allowing students to volunteer for credit or experience.

Saint Martin’s Animal Foundation

8860 Corbin Ave Ste 245 Northridge CA 91324

This organization works towards animal welfare and children outreach. They rescue animals from being killed and make it their mission to hold seminars in school to educate children about how to show compassion and care towards their animals. They also introduced a “Green Team” to educate them about the environment and ways to be kind to it.

Guide Dogs of America

13445 Glenoaks Boulevard, Sylmar, CA 91342

This organization provides guide dogs to the blind and visually impaired men and women for free. Volunteer opportunities include raising a guide dog and supporting on the grounds of the organization.

Children of the Night

14530 Sylvan Street, Van Nuys, California 91411

This organization rescues young American children from the imprisonment of prostitution. They offer a place to live in order to escape prostituation, including having a hotline ready to rescue them 24 hours a day and provide free taxi and airfare nationwide. There’s an onsite school and a college placement program.