Poetry Corner: Feeding the mind, body and soul

Daily Sundial

Aggrieving Alliteration

By Patrice Ferguson

My mind’s eye, blinded by love’s language of lies

leaves me to delve deeper in despair.

Devilish hell is where I dwell.

I lost love’s luminous luster in your lust for

another’s love.

Deceived, Devastated, Destroyed

all of me has decayed.

Left to me is death,

My new found friend.

Forever frozen, never to find freedom again.

Agony ages my assiduous appetite

for your agapa love.

Eros erodes our foundation erasing the remnants of us.

Philios flounders, ponders fickly which path to pursue.

Passion pervades and pushes you

to hunger, hunt, and have her.

Hear my pain

pulling me rapidly through the putrid pile of lies you easily spew.

Spasms seize my seeping heart.

Suffering my skin,

Scum your soul’s essence.

Every evil the epitome of you.


By Mona Karaguozian

I wonder when things will change because they seldom do,

Wish for days of different songs, loves and all things new.

I wonder when things will change, and I am busy as a bee,

My solitary dream fulfilled

I guess I’ll wait and see.

On Manchester

By Alexandria Barabin

Her eyes, absent of understanding,

Only strips of material cover her womanhood

As she sat out of place on a bus stop,

Waiting for her bus which would never come.

The scars on her broken body showed her painful life

The weariness in her eyes

The dark circles that surrounds them,

Her worn down feet,

They proposed her travels had been long and great.

Independent and free was the woman for her home rest upon wheels

Her body ached for nourishment,

Of the stomach and the heart.

A bus stops in front of her, and at first, she isn’t even seen.

Then, from everywhere,

The happy-joy-cruel-crushing hearts of our nations young children

Outburst with full emotion

She neither stops to look or cry,

Or even acknowledge they were extending their friendly joys at her expense;

Neither does she cry

She does not feel or cannot feel

A heart so hardened, it cannot understand.

And as the laughter fades into the background,

I enter the bus, turning to give her one last glance.

As the bus pulls away from her stop,

I feel-.

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