The Common Issue: Back to School


Photo credit: Kristine Delicana

Stephanie Stanziano

Well ladies and gentlemen, I hate to burst your bubble, but summer is now officially over. We are back to our rise and grind with new classes and new classmates as the memories of the great summer days slowly drift away.

But why is it that we are so attached to the idea of summer break? Why can’t anyone feel that way about the rest of the year?

I remember as a kid how magical summer was. It was full of days at the beach, no job to go to and no bills to pay. But that was when I was a kid, now I have more than one job to be at and lots of bills to pay that don’t stop just because it’s June, July or August. If yours did then please email me and let me know who you bank with and where you work.

Now I can already hear the “Well there’s no homework, no tests, no teachers and you get to relax.” And to that, I say “So what?”

In your whole existence, the amount of time you spend writing an essay or doing homework is only a fraction of your life. Plus I wouldn’t call the times in summer I spent passed out on my couch after a 12-hour work day relaxing.

Now, I hope that you made good memories with your friends from home over the summer but think about all of the new ones you get to make now that all of your friends are back home in one place.

The biggest parties happen when school’s back in session anyways people.

Not to mention that all of these new classes and new friends. We go to a school that is populated with thousands upon thousands of people just walking around waiting to meet you.

Ok, maybe not actually standing around with their hands out ready to be your new best friend but with school here there’s no telling the kinds of interesting and thought provoking people you’ll be surrounded by.

I have personally never been more excited to come back. Meeting a whole load of new people, getting to learn new things and maybe even finding out that a random class you’ve decided to take is your actual passion in life sounds like a great time to me.

Being a college student is only going to last for so long. Pretty soon we will be hitting our snooze button at 6 a.m., wishing we could go back to the days where all we had to do was sit a class with our friends at 12 p.m., listening to someone talk while scrolling through our Twitter and Instagram feeds.

Get excited people, it’s going to be a great year.