The Street

Khristian Garay

One of the earliest and most important roads of the San Fernando Valley, San Fernando Roads is symbolic of two things – diversity and the immense separation of social classes in the Valley. The road runs through seven cities – it begins in Sylmar and ends on Broadway Avenue in Downtown Los Angeles. In such a short distance, the road undergoes various environmental changes.

A Mexican and Central American populace dominates the road in Sylmar, San Fernando, Pacoima and Arleta. Though the area is commercially active, it is recognizably very poor and polluted, and also extremely dangerous. The lonely streets are rampant with gang activity and crime.

Its counterpart, Burbank, on the other hand, has attempted to breakthrough this image. Promoting a cleaner and safer environment, the Village District of Burbank offers a variety of expensive stores and restaurants, aiming to attract a “higher class” of people.