Letters to the Editor


Regarding “A response to Bush’s ‘national disaster’,” printed on January 31, 2007.

I am responding to the recent article “State of the Iraq War,” which gives an early exposure to this paper’s true colors of preaching to the far left spectrum.

Don’t get me wrong, I am upset with President Bush as well, but not for the many reasons that the author outlined. For an example, has anyone looked into the $100 million Israel, with the pressure of Condi Rice, has sent to the Mahmoud Abbas, leader of the Palestinian Authority, even when that money may not be spent on the Palestinian people, but reports have surfaced that it could go to Hamas? The group Hamas has never even recognized Israel’s existence. The money could also be used to not just to commit terrorism against Israel, but also train foreign fighters to go into Iraq and Afghanistan to fight U.S. troops and other allied forces?

I would have to say that, as I looked upon the recent peace rallies the weekend before last, I would highly doubt that would be one of the major questions raised during those rallies. There is this “theory” that President Bush and his administration are in some way “controlled” by Israel, but then there are reports of Bush administration officials like Condi Rice offering a $100 million reward to Abbas who could likely misuse the money quite similarly to his predecessor Yasser Arafat, who stole millions of dollars in aid that was suppose to go to the Palestinian people, but instead may hand it out to fellow extremists in Hamas and radical elements in Fatah.

I would have to say that the author surely isn’t paying attention to this report of the $100 million being handed over to Abbas. If one were to be outraged about the Bush Administration this would certainly be the main issue I am taking on because I don’t want our troops to face terrorists that might have been trained with this sort of amount of money behind them. But alas, I don’t think even the peace movement in their recent rallies would have cared either or gave any major concern over Abbas misusing this sort of amount of money to be funded for terrorism.

– Maxwell Hoffman, History Major

CSUN Alumnus spirit from USC

Dear Daily Sundial,

I write to you as a proud CSUN alumnus (B.A. ’01, M.P.A., ’04), from my office at USC where I work for the Marshall School of Business (and yes, you can print my work title). Talk about “a house divided!” I am jumping up and down at CSUN’s victory over USC in Men’s Volleyball this past weekend, hoping my cheers for Red and Black don’t get me into too much trouble where everyone bleeds Cardinal and Gold. If I could’ve been there, where would I have sat? On the USC side, supporting those who provide my livelihood, or on the CSUN side, giving thanks and support to the institution that shaped who I am today? My office is adorned with 2 pennants. One is from CSUN, the other from USC. Care to guess which one is bigger?

As I read the Daily Sundial on-line, and the editorial regarding graffiti at CSUN, I can only say that blight exists in all communities, where the negative actions of a few cast a disparaging view outward on the whole. Let it ring loud and true that Matador pride is alive and strong, even across the hills and city in Trojan-Town!!! Congratulations to the Men’s Volleyball team, and GO CSUN!!!

-Elizabeth “Liz” Peisner, M.P.A.

USC Marshall School of Business

Executive MBA Program

Program Manager