Dylan Campbell 

English, Graduate


One page comic about not being as available as you think you are.

Avery Balin @aperturecapturer

Philosophy, Senior


This long-exposure photograph was taken this past summer on the road leading up to one of Yosemite National Park’s main attractions: Glacier Point. To get the light streaks, I adjusted my camera settings to take in light for the amount of time needed to drive around the curve. After 30 seconds, this was the result. Then I cropped and edited it in Adobe Lightroom. This photograph would not have been possible without the help of my girlfriend, Adina Gholian (also a CSUN student), who took the photo while I drove.

A night view picture taken by a mountain
A drawing with japanese

Sara Viramontes

Illustration, Senior


I love to draw portraits in expressionistic ways. I like to incorporate colors in portraits that normally wouldn’t be used. I often draw celebrities to see if I can draw their likeness

Shirley Ramos 

English, Junior


On the blog, it’s a slideshow of a trip to Sonoma and San Fransisco. Mostly Scenery photos. The photo I submitted is my favorite one.

A drawing

Emily June Heisley @collagedropoutcollective

Psychology, Senior


I often think about words, and common denominators, and wordplay. This was an amalgam of all those and a nod to the algorithm and our digital lives.

Elaine Sanders @elaine_sanders

Art, Sophomore