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Upcoming ‘Barbie Chronicles’ sheds light on false expectations

Alex G-Smith

May 6, 2008

In 1959, Mattel released a doll that gave little girls a standard to what they should think of their bodies and sense of self. Blonde, busty, and tall, the perfect role model with the perfect clothes; that's Barbie in a nutshell. The Barbie enterprise has skyrocketed in the last few years, coming ou...

Women should take back the night and avoid it altogether

Alex G-Smith

May 2, 2008

One in four women will be raped. Now that statistic is not only shocking, but also repulsive. The problem is that in our day in age, rape has been twisted and manipulated in its meaning, which leads to confusion in what rape really is. A common definition of rape is sexual intercourse with a woman, ...

‘Street Kings’ raises questions about police ethics and crime

Alex G-Smith

April 14, 2008

If seeing the movie "Crash" was not reason enough to distrust cops, then look no further. Upon first hearing the title "Street Kings," I assumed that it would be just another clich'eacute; gang rivalry, shoot em up, break dancing movie, with a hot girl in a bikini shooting a 44 magnum while driving a ...

Tattooed terror screenwriter talks the talk

Alex G-Smith

March 28, 2008

Victor Miller, a screenwriter whose credits include writing "Friday the 13th," and many episodes of "All My Children," sat down for an interview recently at a restaurant in Alamo, Calif. He has won three daytime Emmys and four Writers Guild Awards for his work. Miller discussed what the film industry is...

The Taiji Special: A Flipper Filet

Alex G-Smith

March 12, 2008

For generations, the fishermen of the Taiji Cove located in Japan have been hunting whales and dolphins as food to be sold at the local markets. As the dolphins migrate, between January and March, the fishermen pound poles together in the water, scarring the dolphins and interfering with their echolocation. Th...

One is silver and the other is gold

Alex G-Smith

March 5, 2008

Have you ever felt inadequate or deficient to the man or woman you're dating? Of course, because everyone feels like that at some point, regardless of how funny or attractive you are. There is a constant questioning gnawing in the back of your mind questioning what your partner wants from you and if...

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