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drawing of a girl in yellow sweater in distress

Aches and pains, but why?

A student's experience of being a student while undergoing a health crisis.

Armenian Christmas: A personal tale

A personal look at Armenian Christmas, a special holiday for family and a religious observance of Christ's baptism.
crime blotter logo

Crime Blotter 11/29-12/5

Crime Blotter 11/29-12/5   11/29:   At the UPA 15, four residents were referred to alcohol law violations. At UPA 15, one resident was reported to disciplinary actions for...
drawing of woman with equations and question marks surrounding her

Five indicators of common learning disabilities

Learning Disabilities are a problem for students
crime blotter logo

Crime Blotter 11/20-11/27

11/20/17 At parking structure B3, CSUN police arrested a suspect for having an unauthorized disabled placard. The suspect was then released. 11/21/17 At the UPA 4, a...
people stand around collapsed building

Iran earthquake kills scores of people

Iran earthquake devastates a town of people
yellow-gray mushrooms surrounded by leaves and twigs

Magic Mushrooms might be decriminalized in California

Magic Mushrooms could be decriminalized with proposition.
black and white clock drawing

Students find daylight savings time to be beneficial

Many students find that when the clock falls back an hour, they have more time in the day.
men in black uniform holding a green white and red flag

Iran nuclear deal in jeopardy

Tensions in the middle-east are going to be much worse due to what President Trump has planned.
Spanish and democracy being questioned on handcuffs

Catalonia declares independence from Spain

Catalonia struggles to gain independence from Spain as Puigdemont declares freedom for the region.
pink ribbon in front of pink female logos

My mother’s fight against breast cancer

Breast cancer hits close to home.
cartoon of a boy laying sick in bed

A few students’ home remedies for the flu

Home remedies that are cheap and effective for students to battle colds and viruses.
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