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Armenian Christmas: A personal tale

A table set with dishes, such as zook, that are eaten during Armenian Christmas dinner . Photo credit: Karin Abcarians
Alin Boughousi January 6, 2018

Armenian Christmas occurs every Jan. 6 and is celebrated by all Armenian religions such as Catholic, Apostolic and Christian. It is a day for family to come together, break fast and be merry.This holiday...

Crime Blotter 11/29-12/5

crime blotter logo
Alin Boughousi December 8, 2017

Crime Blotter 11/29-12/5   11/29:   At the UPA 15, four residents were referred to alcohol law violations. At UPA 15, one resident was reported to disciplinary actions for drug...

Five indicators of common learning disabilities

drawing of woman with equations and question marks surrounding her
Alin Boughousi December 8, 2017

Have you ever noticed a problem with processing information that could come easily? For some people, such as criminology major Gerardo Lopez, certain subjects such as math, are hard for him to process..Although...

Crime Blotter 11/20-11/27

crime blotter logo
Alin Boughousi December 6, 2017

11/20/17 At parking structure B3, CSUN police arrested a suspect for having an unauthorized disabled placard. The suspect was then released. 11/21/17 At the UPA 4, a victim received bothersome...

Iran earthquake kills scores of people

people stand around collapsed building
Alin Boughousi December 1, 2017

Iranians were devastated from an earthquake that occurred on Nov. 13, which caused massive damage felt in multiple countries and has left the region devastated.The earthquake which was a magnitude 7.3...

Magic Mushrooms might be decriminalized in California

yellow-gray mushrooms surrounded by leaves and twigs
Alin Boughousi November 28, 2017

The legalization of psychedelic drugs might be coming to fruition in California with a potential plan to decriminalize them for use. Psilocybin, better known as magic mushrooms, are the psychedelics in...

Students find daylight savings time to be beneficial

black and white clock drawing
Alin Boughousi November 8, 2017

Imagine being able to sleep more and get extra rest after a long day or week. Since daylight savings time occurred on Saturday, many students are happy to catch up on a much-needed relaxation. Daylight...

Iran nuclear deal in jeopardy

men in black uniform holding a green white and red flag
Alin Boughousi October 30, 2017

Earlier this month, President Trump announced his decision to cancel the Iranian nuclear deal that former President Obama set.The Iranian nuclear deal was created in 2012 due to negotiations about how...

Catalonia declares independence from Spain

Spanish and democracy being questioned on handcuffs
Alin Boughousi October 28, 2017

Catalonia, Spain, has been struggling to liberate itself from Spanish rule, and earlier today, Spain imposed direct rule over Catalonia, rejecting the region's government. This comes a day after Catalan...

My mother’s fight against breast cancer

pink ribbon in front of pink female logos
Alin Boughousi October 18, 2017

Breast Cancer Awareness Month affects everyone; about one in eight American women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetimes. The affected are our mothers, children, siblings, friends and...

A few students’ home remedies for the flu

cartoon of a boy laying sick in bed
Alin Boughousi October 15, 2017

Imagine being able to cure right an illness with home remedies rather than having to buy medicine from stores. That is what some students are doing to get rid of their illnesses that are bothersome to...

“Fleeing massacre,” Rohingya Muslims escaping persecution from their home country of Burma

shadows of men with hats on boat holding sticks
Alin Boughousi October 8, 2017

Being able to live freely and having a safe life in your home country is something that is easily taken for granted. Rohingya Muslims, like others before them, are fleeing Myanmar due to persecution....

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