The student media organization of California State University Northridge

Daily Sundial

The student media organization of California State University Northridge

Daily Sundial

The student media organization of California State University Northridge

Daily Sundial

CSUN grad still hunting for her dream job

Alison Geller May 16, 2011

Getting the job of your dreams isn’t as easy as it sounds, even with a college degree, at least that is what Adriana Fonesca, 26, has found out since graduating from CSUN in Fall 2010. Fonesca graduated...

‘The Beaver’ is a Disturbingly Good Film

Alison Geller May 12, 2011

“The Beaver,” director and co-star Jodie Foster’s latest film, is a mental rollercoaster. The movie, which is only playing at a handful of theaters, stars Academy Award winner Mel Gibson as...

CSUN A.S. hosts ‘Final Flip’ event to help students relax

Alison Geller May 12, 2011

A.S. will be hosting one last event before finals called “Final Flip,” where entertainment and free food will be provided for students who show up. “Final Flip” is a luau themed event for students...

CSUN sells its used electronics and recycles obsolete devices

Alison Geller April 21, 2011

Senior Robert Stokes, 25, computer science major, fixes computers as a side business and said he comes across old computers all the time.  While he uses some of the parts, he throws away the rest. Stokes...

CSUN organizes e-waste recycling event

Alison Geller April 20, 2011

On Friday CSUN will be hosting an electronic waste (e-waste) recycling event for the campus and surrounding community to help people properly dispose of their electronic waste at CSUN parking lot G10 (Lassen...

What’s with the ‘birther’ battle?

Alison Geller April 18, 2011

Recently the “birther” movement has been given a big push back into the spotlight with their new spokesperson Donald Trump.  But what is up with the birther movement in the first place, hasn’t that...

‘Arthur’ remake surprisingly entertaining

Alison Geller April 14, 2011

While the original 1981 film “Arthur” was nothing more then a movie about an unapologetic rich drunkard with no likable qualities, the remake of “Arthur” is an amusing and redeeming story. “Arthur,”...

A.S. candidates running for senator seats to represent CSUN students

Alison Geller April 12, 2011

Graduate no photo available Donna Randolph The Educational Leadership and Policy Studies Department Graduate Student What do you hope to give and take away from an A.S. appointment? I believe...

Travel vicariously during spring break

Alison Geller March 29, 2011

With spring break just around the corner many people may realize they don’t have the funds and/or the desire to travel.  So if you’re looking to live vicariously through others from the comfort and...

CSUN career center hosts spring job fair

Alison Geller March 25, 2011

Hundreds of students participated in the Spring 2011 Job Fair that was hosted by the Career Center on Wednesday where 87 booths were set up in the Northridge Center at the University Student Union...

CSUN alumnus tags campus in USU Beyond the Tag event

Alison Geller March 14, 2011

With fluid strokes of a spray paint can, CSUN alumnus Alexander D.C.D. Smith showed off his spray painting skills during the University Student Unions Beyond the Tag event, highlighting legal forms of...

Arizona lawmakers challenge 14th Amendment

Alison Geller March 1, 2011

Republican lawmakers in Arizona have introduced legislation on a state level to end what they refer to as birthright citizenship. CNN reported that in addition to Arizona, legislators in 40 states are...

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