Daily Sundial

Controversial speaker discusses political perceptions, deceptions

Ana Guerra April 25, 2008

A week before Michael Parenti's arrival, sidewalks chalked up with the words, "Get Political!" urged students to experience one of the most progressive activist speakers CSUN has had in years. On April...

Good sense for dorm residents

Ana Guerra February 7, 2008

The semester is now in full swing for new dorm residents and you will soon realize that being an adult really means being responsible and having discipline. Your number one focus should be balancing your...

Survey: More than third of CSUN students lack health insurance

Ana Guerra February 10, 2006

Daily Sundial Ivan Martinez, a CSUN junior, is hoping that his luck doesn't run out. "For now, I just hope nothing serious happens," Martinez said. "I consider myself pretty healthy, but watch and I'll...

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