Daily Sundial

Leaders and liberties

Anonymous October 19, 2009

Dear Bullfighters, American society is a mass of adult babies who want the future to spoon-feed them, coddle them, rock them to sleep, and pay their bills. It is time to wake up, children, take out...

Think for yourself, question authority

Anonymous September 29, 2009

CSUN Matadors, Students may think the government is fine and working for their best interests. THIS IS SARCASM: You do not have to find the motivation to work to change anything because we have...

Fight of the matador

Anonymous September 21, 2009

Dear CSUN Matadors, If you want to achieve change and progress, then we have to do something about it. Pro-active students can schedule walkouts, protest, stand on their deans’ lawns, and demand change...

Don’t get burned

Anonymous September 4, 2009

Dear CSUN Matadors, Who are we in today’s era? What will past problems do to the unsuspecting ignorant future of America who is busy watching “The Hills,” instead of the hills on fire outside...

Top ten reasons to enjoy porn

Anonymous April 18, 2007

Porno movies are great because of so many reasons. The first and the most important reason to watch porn is because it puts you in the mood. It is healthy to watch porn before having sex. The second reason...

Dorm confidential: A weekend lost to alcohol

Anonymous September 21, 2006

A year ago, things were different. A year ago, drinking on the weekdays in the dorm was common. Literally, I would go downstairs to one friend's apartment on a Monday night. It was said beforehand, "Okay,...

Sex and the Dorms: The aftermath of moving in

Anonymous September 7, 2006

Editor's note - Today we introduce a column that sheds light on CSUN dorm life. To protect both the innocent and the guilty we have guaranteed anonymity to the author. This semester I am going to write...

CSUN sells out with ad for online university

Anonymous March 13, 2006

We had a hard time coming up for a lead for this article. We thought we would start with something funny or clever- "CSUN has made it to the pages of Time magazine!" Or perhaps, "Wow! We are advertising...

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