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The student media organization of California State University Northridge

Daily Sundial

The student media organization of California State University Northridge

Daily Sundial

All ages can enjoy vibrant fantasy of ‘Spiderwick’

Anthony Graham May 9, 2008
Originally Published February 19, 2008 Don't let Nickelodeon's boasting of production rights fool you - Director Mark Waters' "The Spiderwick Chronicles" is the sort of fantasy-adventure that will entertain all age ranges; like a modern day "Jumanji," following a fantasy come to life formula. Like "Jumanji," Spiderwick follows an almost identical theme-not a bad blueprint to borrow from, but the similarities are noted.

Students should hold off serious relationships until after college

Anthony Graham May 6, 2008
The life of your average college student is as busy as ever. I've been told that my workload will never get any lighter, especially as I get pulled deeper and deeper into the real life pressures that make up the everyday routine of the "real world." I believe that.

New British ‘Elbow’ album wins with tried and true musical formula

Anthony Graham May 6, 2008
The English band from Manchester, Elbow, has released their fourth album, and like the ones that came before, "The Seldom Seen Kid" is likely to receive plenty of critical acclaim. The special thing about Elbow's new album is that it is the first of theirs that they recorded and mixed without any outside help.

Alumni Association helps after graduation

Anthony Graham May 2, 2008
Students looking down the road to graduation, or those who have already walked it, should consider applying for membership in the CSUN Alumni Association. The Association offers a variety of membership benefits, and the price for entry isn't too staggering.

‘Terminator’ book combines action story-telling with art

Anthony Graham April 29, 2008
For one reason or another, there is much life in "The Terminator" (the killer robot movie starring our governor that came out in 1984-you know the one) franchise. It might have stopped at a couple of movies-but it didn't. As of late, the franchise has given us a third movie to round out the cinematic series to trilogy status, a television show on Fox dubbed "The Sarah Connor Chronicles" and over two decades worth of fandom and merchandise.

‘ChickenHare’ burns bright with ‘Fire in the Hole’

Anthony Graham April 29, 2008
Do you remember what it was like to pick up the Sunday paper for a parent or older sibling? To take to them the heavy stack of black and white and ask for only one thing in return? Undoubtedly, we eventually graduated to other sections of the newspaper, but we all started by simply asking for the Funnies.

French outlaw excessive skinniness

Anthony Graham April 25, 2008
Often, American culture is reprimanded for putting unrealistic ideas of beauty into our women's heads. Worse yet, many of our super thin, super rib-cagey, supermodels have been criticized for conveying an impossible, and even unhealthy, pedestal for women to climb.

‘Aliens’ graphic novel fares well as light summer reading

Anthony Graham April 22, 2008
Comic book fans and "Aliens" movie buffs can rejoice! After the last pressing weeks of the spring semester are finished (or sooner if you have the time), Dark Horse and Fox Movies have a bit of light summer reading for you: the "Aliens Omnibus Volume 3." And for those of you who are not a part of the fandom, Dark Horse comics is the publication best known as the independent third option behind big hitters like DC and Marvel.

Lewis Black’s ‘Root of All Evil’ falls flat at the punchline

Anthony Graham March 25, 2008
Comedy Central's new series "Lewis Black's Root of All Evil" combines court TV with pop-culture-critique. The titular Lewis Black presides as judge, while two comedians argue such cases as "Oprah vs. The Catholic Church" and "Donald Trump vs. Viagra." But does the courtroom setting properly facilitate all the "funny" the viewing audience is looking for? Sort of.

Pasadena should not $*’#ing censor

Anthony Graham March 11, 2008
What is this $#%@!? Are you %#$@ing kidding me? South Pasadena became a "cuss-free" zone last week until Friday, March 7. And while it wasn't as if you would be hauled away to jail for any infringement, to curse in front of Pasadena natives at the time would mean doom by glares and social-annihilation.

Schwarzenegger’s visit received fair coverage

Anthony Graham March 10, 2008
Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's visit to CSUN has students asking a lot of different questions. One of these questions directly challenges the political objectivity of the Daily Sundial itself. The very first thing I heard while quietly observing two students picking up the February 27, 2008 edition of the Sundial was, "Schwarzenegger's visit-what do the liberal, left-wing media-Nazis have today?" Now, that isn't entirely fair.

‘Orange Lemon Egg Canary’ though magical, doesn’t quite do the trick

Anthony Graham March 4, 2008
In the West Coast premiere of "Orange Lemon Egg Canary: A Trick in Four Acts," a unique blend of dark comedy, romance and magic are employed to draw the audience into an experience that is surprisingly intimate-but ultimately disappointing at the climax. Playwright Rinne Groff and director Talya Klein bring us the story of Great (Brett Schneider), a magician who is running from his past due to a magic trick that went terribly wrong.
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