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Affordable Care Act deadline extended, sign up in Student Union

President Obama meets with NATO leaders in Belgium. Matador News Reporter Robert Zamora reports on the Matador Mall merchants closing up shop until the fall. Reporter...

Experts reluctant drought release is near

CSUN takes steps to manage the drought on campus. Matador News reporter Nikki Edenedo talks to the Senior Director of Physical Plant Management Jason Wang. Anchors:...

Authentic personas online, entrepreneurs go digital

Guests: Professor Kristen Walker and YouTuber Vanessa Watson Social Media Correspondent Reina Royale

World Water Day brings awareness to critical water resources

CSUN celebrates Water Day. Matador News reporter Lauren Llanos talks to Geography Professor Dr. Amalie Orme about the event, and CSUN Women's Basketball coach...

CSUN Matador News: Women’s basketball team heads to the NCAA finals

The CSUN Women's Basketball team is headed to the NCAA finals. Matador News reporter Monica Olivas talks to guard Cinnamon Lister. Anchors: Mihkel Teemant, Rebecca Lopez...

4.4 magnitude earthquake, no reports of damage or injury

A shallow 4.4 magnitude earthquake struck Los Angeles at 6:25 a.m. this morning. L.A. Fire and Police departments had no reports of damage or injury. A...

On Point: Linda Lingle believes in the power of communication

Guest: Former Hawaii Governor Linda Lingle

Campus police alerted of suspected groper

CSUN police are looking for a suspected groper. Matador News reporter Romy Ginsberg talks to Center on Disabilities Managing Director Sandy Plotin about the upcoming...

Affordable care act deadline approaches

The deadline for students to enroll in the Affordable Care Act approaches. Matador News reporter Merrita Llarena talks to CSUN HIEP coordinator Danielle Hockwald. Anchors: Tara...

On Point: The murderous Sweeney Todd comes to campus

Guests: Actress Carina Sapiro, Musical Director David Aks and Director Ken Sawyer from the CSUN production of Sweeney Todd by Sondheim

Students discover new options at Majors Fair

  Today's Majors Fair is designed to help undeclared CSUN students find their future Matador News reporter Melissa Trahin talks to Sundial Senior Sales Representative Maria...

‘Self Portrait’ exhibit at the CSUN Art Gallery

An exhibition of self-portraits is on display at the CSUN Art Gallery.Matador News reporter Jared Nealeigh talks to curator and Art Department Professor Mario...
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