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Greg Triana pictured

Tattoo Tuesday: Only Tattoos with Meaning

A kinesiology major explains the deep meanings of his ink, and why he'd never get spur of the moment tattoo.
Student pictured smiling at CSUN

Tattoo Tuesday: Beyond Simple Ink

A sociology major gets tattoos dedicated to his family's lineage.
A woman and man sit behind a desk

Behind closed doors: Sex workers share their stories

As part of the "Behind Closed Doors" series, sex workers share their personal stories and discuss the lives of sex workers.
Woman stands in front of tree, smiling

Tattoo Tuesday: Flowers Worth Waiting For

A 25 year-old books an appointment 5 months in advance for her dream tattoo.
Student looks over Ipad on table

Students vote during AS elections

Students voted today in the different Associated Student Election booths set up around campus. In the second day of elections, members promote different outlets...

Tattoo Tuesday: Lion Ink

A CSUN student's ink was inspired by her astrological sign.
Group rallies and carried picket signs

Strike prep stalled as negotiations continue

In a final effort to settle, the CFA and CSU have agreed to a final negotiation in regards to salary negotiation
Artist draws tree on girls entire back

Tattoo Tuesday: Black Henna is Anything but temporary

The Food and Drug Administration is now warning that the temporary tattoos referred to as “black henna” potentially contain toxic chemicals and ingredients that...

A.S. senate elections scheduled on possible CFA strike days

A.S. holds a neutral position about the CFA and CSU negotiation and strike.
Woman stands and tells story while other women listen in

Professional dominatrix, adult performer share journey as sex workers

A panel of sex workers and experts lectured at an event hosted by member's of The Women's Research and Resource Center.
Brittany Huerta shows off bat tattoo

Tattoo Tuesday: Bat Tatts and Ocean Scenes

A CSUN graduate student reveals her favorite tattoos
Painting of Barbara Jordan

Women Still Standing Against the Odds

Nearly 30 years ago, Congress declared March as Women's History Month.
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