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Daily Sundial

The student media organization of California State University Northridge

Daily Sundial

The student media organization of California State University Northridge

Daily Sundial

Interactive arts offer a fresh perspective on immigration

Ashley Mcskimming December 3, 2007
Assimiland," a visual and interactive special screening held in Manzanita Hall on Tuesday evening, presented viewers with an interpretive form of art and for some a reality to consider. Professor Jeanine Minge, the screenings creator and coordinator, said the idea was to show processing as a method society requires of immigrants to partake in when becoming a part of American culture.

International students share their food, culture

Ashley Mcskimming December 3, 2007
Students skipped buying pricey tickets and sitting in an airplane for hours to explore and savor the aromas and tastes of international cuisine when they attended last week's "Global Village" at the University Student Union. They sampled food alongside visitors who wore attire originally developed in the Middle East, Nicaragua, Poland, Italy and India, the countries from which the food originated.

Clinton’s gender card gets blown out of proportion by rivals

Ashley Mcskimming November 27, 2007
The issue of gender in the 2008 presidential race has come into sharp focus since Clinton complained on Nov. 2 of battling "the all-boys club presidential politics." Hillary Clinton has publicly dismissed suggestion's she's using her gender to gather sympathy, particularly among Democratic women voters.

Film festival held by College of Humanities

Ashley Mcskimming November 14, 2007
Students gathered in the halls of Manzanita Hall on Friday to talk about the films they saw during the 2007 College of Humanities Film Festival in the Amber Screening Room. "I really enjoyed being able to come to at least some of the films today," Yesenia Gutierrez, an attendee said.

Panel discusses racial stereotypes

Ashley Mcskimming November 7, 2007
A forum was held at the University Student Union during Africa Week about the various issues and feelings of black students and attendees regarding their race, stereotypes and experiences. The audience was asked to gather in a circle to conduct an interactive open forum that allowed anyone to speak.

Alumna speaks of her artistic work

Ashley Mcskimming November 6, 2007
The art department hosted a discussion on Oct. 31 with a visual artist who's best known for large-scale murals, which involve extensive community organization and participation and address multicultural audiences. In "Interactive Digital Mural: A Tool for Social Reconcile from the Local to the Global," Judith Baca spoke of her past, present and future endeavors in the art world.

Banquet celebrates African cultures

Ashley Mcskimming November 1, 2007
From pulsating drumbeats to elaborate and casual fashion, the Africa Week Gala Banquet allowed CSUN students and community members on Friday to see and hear some of what the diverse continent of Africa has to offer. The event, hosted by members of the African Studies Interdisciplinary Committee, brought Africa Week to a close.

New law requires spay and neuter

Ashley Mcskimming October 29, 2007
New regulations affecting pet owners, breeders and shelters that house stray animals in California will make the process of adopting a pet more expensive, but will save the lives of cats and dogs. Assembly Bill 1634, also know as the California Healthy Pets Act, would make it mandatory to spay and neuter cats and dogs adopted in the state of California.

California art displays life lessons

Ashley Mcskimming October 23, 2007
Traditional tribal lessons invoke a sense of pride in Native American youth, and they also allow young people from all backgrounds to develop self-esteem and find a purpose in life. These were the words of Alan Salazar at the opening of the "Sing Me Your Story, Dance Me Home: Art and Poetry from Native California" exhibition, a collection of California Native art and poetry on display at the Main Gallery in the art department until Nov.

Police open substation near dorms

Ashley Mcskimming October 22, 2007
A new police substation adjacent to Zelzah Avenue near the dormitories will offer many opportunities and services to residents and the nearby community, the University Police Department indicates. Residents and community members will be able to voice their concerns at the new police substation, as well as at the Parking and Public Safety building on the corner of Prarie and Darby streets, said Christina S.

Childlike and surreal: Cosima Von Bonin’s art explores life

Ashley Mcskimming September 20, 2007
Visitors wandering through the Cosima Von Bonin: Roger and Out exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles this past Friday morning took much interest in the unique and challenging display of art. Cosima Von Bonin: Roger and Out, the first solo museum exhibition in the United States for German artist Cosima von Bonin, will be on view at MOCA Grand Avenue starting September 16 through January 7, 2008 and includes approximately 50 artworks from 1990 to the present.

Foreign student assistance programs expand

Ashley Mcskimming September 20, 2007
Kicking off the 2007 fall semester, the International Admissions department held a workshop in the Flintridge Room at the University Student Union this Wednesday that explored the impact of international students at CSUN. Foreign Student Advisor Roopa Rawjee said she was more than hopeful about the great opportunities the International and Exchange Student Center had planned for international students this fall semester.
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