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Financial advisor gives tips on debt prevention

Aston Tan

December 9, 2008

In a time of mounting school fees, slashed education budgets, tight-fisted student loan lenders and an uncertain fiscal future, never before has maintaining a clean financial sheet been so crucial to college students. But many are finding it hard to do just that, said Citibank financial advisor Elaine Ka...

Financial aid counselor sets record straight on common concerns

Aston Tan

December 4, 2008

As the price of college tuition continues to mount nationwide, so are the numbers of students who find themselves increasingly dependent on federal financial aid. At CSUN, the situation is no different and when it comes to financial aid, new students often find themselves wrangling with bureaucracy and misin...

?Ask Matty? gives answers

Aston Tan

December 2, 2008

Students with questions about their academic life can now go to CSUN's very own Matty the Matador. 'Ask Matty' is a new question and answer system now featured on the CSUN website. In the style of the search engine, Ask Jeeves, users type in a question and the system searches through its database of replie...

Local Thai restaurant to serve free food on Thanksgiving

Aston Tan

November 25, 2008

The rough economic climate may have sent many businesses reeling, but some of those more resilient are showing compassion by extending a helping hand to those less fortunate. Lum Ka Naad is one such business. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, the Thai eatery on Reseda Boulevard will be giving out free ...

Art grad student?s new oil painting exhibit focuses on teen culture

Aston Tan

November 18, 2008

The four teenage girls are' huddled at the back of a limousine, dressed to the nines, sipping champagne and text-messaging. The setting is dark, bathed in an overcast blue and almost sinister. Over by the limo's mini-bar, a pair of thighs is reflected, almost touching on lewdness. Almost, but not qu...

Earthquake simulation will test campus preparedness

Aston Tan

November 11, 2008

An order to stop, drop and cover will come over classroom intercoms at 10 a.m. on Nov. 13, in an attempt to help students understand what to do if another earthquake hits the Valley. This simulation is apart of the 'Great Southern California ShakeOut.' ' 'It may be one of the largest events of its ki...

Bangladesh ambassador, scholars remember prominent poet?s work

Aston Tan

November 6, 2008

The third annual Kazi Nazrul Islam lecture was underway, Wednesday, Oct. 29. 'The primary purpose of the lecture is to bring awareness of Bengali art, literature and culture to the West,' said Dr. Phyllis Herman, Chair of the Department of Religious studies, who also moderated the event. The ambassado...

Grad Fair guides students on grad school

Aston Tan

November 4, 2008

Representatives from more than 60 institutions were on hand Monday, Nov. 3, in a fair to guide CSUN students through the application process to graduate school. Patricia Gaynor, assistant director for the Career Center's Senior Year Transition and Employment Services, said the event '- officially dubbed 'G...

Media?s coverage of elections examined by veteran reporters

Aston Tan

October 30, 2008

Retired newsman David Dow and Los Angeles Daily News columnist Mariel Garza met with students Tuesday during a question-and-answer session that discussed the shifting role of media in elections. Topics were wide ranging with the speakers touching on issues like the growing prominence of political commentat...

Lecture examines link between biology and sexuality

Aston Tan

October 27, 2008

Human sexuality and orientation were discussed Friday at the Whitsett Room in the fifth installment of the Richard W. Smith lecture series, which featured Dr. Milton Diamond of the University of Hawaii's John H. Burns School of Medicine. During the event, officially dubbed 'Gender 'amp; Sexual Orientati...

Clubs and organizations voice concerns to A.S.

Aston Tan

October 21, 2008

Representatives from various CSUN clubs and organizations took the opportunity to voice their grievances during a round table meeting with their Associated Student counterparts on Friday. Topics varied, ranging from school spirit to club billboard placement, but the issue taken up the most seemed to...

Club Soccer team scores big

Aston Tan

October 20, 2008

The Club Soccer University of Northridge, or Club Soccer Team, is not a conventional one. It meets on Tuesday and Thursday evenings on the campus soccer field, while Saturdays are reserved for practice or games. The team, whose acronym matches the university's, is a competitive collective that plays aga...

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