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eSports challenges conventional sports

You don't have to go outside to play sports anymore
USC professor talks about "#AllLivesMatter" to a crowd of CSUN students.

Editorial: “All Lives Matter” misses the point

Those who shout "All Lives Matter" think they have the morally superior high ground and miss the point behind "Black Lives Matter" and why it came about.

That Democratic debate was pretty…pretty…pretty…good

  "Saturday Night Live" fulfills people's wishes to have the legendary Larry David portray Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders during a sketch on the Democratic...

Pixar art director provides CSUN insight into animation industry

Matt Nolte holds talk about "The Good Dinosaur" and how to become a successful animator

Poll: Were you expecting Joe Biden to run for president?

Everyone's just going along with Joe.

Men’s soccer can’t close out first half, loses to CSUF 1-0

CSUN misses opportunity for first place in conference division.

Sundial Radio Hour Oct. 14

CNN pulls down debate polls Donald Trump is on Saturday Night Live Lamar Odom is in critical condition Anchors: Maria Cartaya, Sanest Hunter, Alaysia Navarro, Itzya Frere, Kendall...

Poll: Who do you think won the first Democratic presidential debate?

Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Martin O'Malley, Jim Webb and Lincoln Chaffee debated each other in Las Vegas. Who won?

Poll: How did you first hear about the recent sexual assaults...

Check out our poll about how students found out about the recent sexual assaults.
Campus Crime Alert: Sexual Assault

Letter to the editor: investigate first, notify after

CSUN chief of police responds to Opinion piece regarding the police and school responses to two recent sexual assaults.
Workers set up display for African American art.

Letter to the editor: don’t forget the social sciences

While I appreciate the passion and emphasis behind your September 24th editorial (“Time to make science popular”), I’m concerned about its limited conception of...

Editorial: hold a rape prevention program with an all-male class

Let's start a program that functions to tell male students to keep it in their pants.
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