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Long commute hurts the college experience for students

Get involved on campus before it's too late

Enrollment program would make school easier for students

The Swedish education policy of pre-enrolling students into classes for their major would save students money and make their lives less stdressful

CSUN campus in need of healthier food options

There may be healthy food options on campus, but they are limited, high in price and lack quality

Required-attendance policy detrimental to sick students

Professors should grade their students based on their academic performance, not on attendance

Parking congestion to continue unless another structure is built

New parking structure will relieve campus traffic

Consider advance care planning while in college

It's never to late to be prepared and proactive about your last wishes

Letter to the editor: in response to diversity on campus

Students involved on campus can see the diversity in CSUN's community

Proposed act lowers student debt with good grades

A proposed act for free tuition could help student debt

Increase the number of gender-neutral bathrooms on campus

CSUN's transgender and gender-nonconforming students should not walk across campus to use limited bathrooms

Don’t get stirred up by Starbucks’ plain red cup design

A Starbucks lover says lets relax and enjoy our coffee, regardless of the color cup

Sensitivity on college campuses has limited what students want to and...

With trigger warnings and political correctness in force at colleges, where has the ability to say what you believe gone?

Poll: Do you agree that American intervention in the Middle East...

Critics of the War on Terror think pulling troops out of the Middle East should deter religious extremism across the globe.
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