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television with 4 blue faces drawn in it

Your TV needs more diversity

Have you realized that some of your favorite TV shows have an all-white cast?
3 woman stand behind booth

Greek life revitalized

A testament to the value of Greek involvement.
drawing with woman backing a pie a boy wrapping a present and old woman reading a story.

The ultimate gift

In the midst of the holiday season, giving back to your community can be the ultimate gift.

The wonder of women in media

An exploration of how empowered women, such as Hillary Clinton and Gal Gadot, influence our society's perspective on women.
man and woman sit in a lecture

Impacted classes for an impacted future

A criticism of impacted classes, those for which the demand is greater than the seats available, and their impact on graduation rates.
woman sit in circle meditating

How meditation helps me relieve stress during finals

An exploration of meditation's value for a balanced mind.
woman looking into the distance seriously

What happened to Johanna’s pursuit of happiness?

A testament of how the documentary "Becoming Johanna" changed this student's perspective on the transgender community.
Thanksgiving harvest basket with assorted fruits and vegetables

Give Matadors a break

Following our abbreviated Thanksgiving Holiday, a fellow Matador argues for the adoption of a full week's fall break.
people stand around collapsed building

A blind eye on humanity

Iran and Iraq have been covered in rubble by a recent earthquake, but neglected by the international community.
drawing of people in line to go into american flag maze

Refuge denied: Temporary protected status terminated for refugees

More than 300,000 refugees have been affected by the termination of their temporary protected status designation.
red feminism logo surrounded by gray buildings

A world of double standards

A commentary on the necessity for gender unity in the fight for women's rights.
yellow feminism book cover

Feminism: opportunities for all

A discussion of how the media and social stereotypes impact our views of gender and feminism.
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