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various candles lit on the floor next to various flowers

CSUN student involved in Northridge four-person crash to have funeral service...

Almost two weeks after the Northridge four-person crash and hours before the final funeral services, visitors are stopping by the crash-site late into the night.
Two women present their project

Investing in diversity pays off

Diversity in science must remain a priority for the success of the nation

Matadors battle to seventh place in Big West Championship

Only eight strokes behind third place, the Matadors can move up higher in the next round.
Photo shows Britney Aguire and Karina Perez being interviewed in front of Manzanita hallvideo

Students weigh in on repeal of internet privacy protection

On Monday, President Donald Trump signed an executive order which repealed the Obama-era regulations that were put on internet privacy. Now, broadband internet service...
sports calendar illustration

Sports calendar for 3/8-3/13

Check out what the Matadors are doing this week
Freedom of Speech illustration

Editorial: freedom of speech in an era of political-correctness, part one

College campuses are becoming the battleground for interpreting and exercising first amendment rights, despite the threat of PC culture.

Letter to the editor: In response to “Travel ban: the un-American...

This is a letter to the editor in response to Mimi Kourieh's piece "The Travel Ban: The Un-American, America".   I would like to start off...
Picture of a 2016 graduation cap and tassle

Five tips to get through college faster

From a student who took 15 years to get a bachelor’s degree.

Entrepreneurship in the field of education

Entrepreneurship does not have to mean building a multi-million-dollar company
People chant and hold up posters in protest of the Muslim ban

In Photos: LAX protest

People protest travel ban at LAX
Illustration of an astronaut's helmet with a boy floating inside with a few books and flowers

Arts and Literature Special Issue

La lealtad de Martin Jiménez Contributor - Nov 22, 2016 Silence Holiday Cheer Mariela Camacho’s artwork Ute Anderson’s poems and short stories 0 A ride with Jane Eyre
Illustration of an astronaut's helmet with a boy floating inside with a few books and flowers

La lealtad de Martin Jiménez

CSUN student's art and writing submissions for The Sundial's special issue, Arts and Literature.
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