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CTVA program encourages diversity in the film industry

The CTVA program promoting diversity in the industry by promoting diversity in school first

Spend time on learning, not on rushing through school

Students rush through school to finish in four years, sacrificing the quality of their education

CSUN’s policy for impacted majors affect underprivileged students

By Angel Silva, Stephen Jones, Lorenzo Mutia In the wake of record enrollment at CSUN, administrators have implemented new impaction measures that apply to applicants...

Non-local transfer students face stricter admission requirements

The new transfer requirements are putting pressure on non-local student's GPA

Matadors back into the win column with a strong showing

Matadors defeat Morgan State Bears with a double-digit victory.

Registering for classes each semester is an ongoing struggle

Students struggle through the registration process every semester and nothing has changed

Pushing to graduate in 4 years is easier said than done

There's no rush to graduate in four years

Students can’t be informed about campus events without signs

Campus events should be made readily available to the student body at a commuter school

Long commute hurts the college experience for students

Get involved on campus before it's too late

Enrollment program would make school easier for students

The Swedish education policy of pre-enrolling students into classes for their major would save students money and make their lives less stdressful

CSUN campus in need of healthier food options

There may be healthy food options on campus, but they are limited, high in price and lack quality

Required-attendance policy detrimental to sick students

Professors should grade their students based on their academic performance, not on attendance
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