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All LED lights at raves should be banned


April 27, 2011

By Ashley Change Contributor PRO When used correctly LED lights are safe and efficient sources of light. Light emitting diodes are an emerging technology because they are lightweight, small in size, have low power consumption and an amazing capacity to produce extremely bright light. These...

Matador Sports Desk


April 25, 2011

By Michael Davis Contributing Reporter Tennis In the last regular season match, the Cal State Northridge tennis team defeated the Pacific Tigers on Saturday. It was Senior Day and before the match began, Brooke Doane and Nina Jaworowski were honored on the courts. Unfortunately, the two seniors ...

CSU budget cuts protests need real political action, not just talk


April 24, 2011

By Ankur Patel Contributor Protesting in a way that is acceptable to the powers you are protesting against is, in effect, ineffective. When budget cuts come down, the people making those cuts know that there will be protests. It is a calculated decision, the ramifications of which they have already...

Tennis: Matadors play last Big West match at home


April 20, 2011

By Michael Davis   Sitting as the seventh seed in the Big West Conference standings, the Matadors still have a lot to play for Saturday, as they will face off against the University of Pacific. With no way to improve or slip in the seedings, this match will mark the last for some of the players. Senior Nina Jaworowski has played at CSUN for the last four years and is ...

150 unit maximum for financial aid makes it fair for all students


April 19, 2011

PRO Sugeir Godoy Contributor Changes to CSUN’s Satisfactory Academic Progress policy were made effective this academic year preventing undergraduate students from receiving financial aid when attempting more than 150 units. I support these changes, as it was about time the university did something to encourage student...

CSUN tennis defeats LMU 4-3


April 15, 2011

By Michael Davis With the Big West Conference Tournament looming, the Matadors (14-9) faced off in a grueling tennis match against the Loyola Marymount Lions on a hot Thursday afternoon. On the first court, Brooke Doane battled against LMU’s No. 1-seeded player in a fast-paced shoot off. With a ...

Lykke Li’s new album ‘Wounded Rhymes’ is ageless


April 14, 2011

By Andrew Lopez Lykke Li is a young woman in an old soul’s body. While she is most well-known for her contribution to “The Twilight Saga: New Moon” soundtrack, it’s interesting to note that she hadn’t ever heard of the ‘tween phenomenon before the offer. According to an intervie...

Letter to the editor


April 13, 2011

Dear Editor, Recently two communications made clear that CSUN is indeed much like the California political culture that we belittle. Students circulated an initiative to bring back football, and an essay in this paper demanded that Jolene Koester be ousted unless she demands emergency funding from...

The stars and stripes of Muslim hate


April 13, 2011

By Hansook Oh In the midst of an economic crisis that voters have urged their elected officials to fix, lawmakers and citizens are wasting valuable time trying to expunge Islam from American life. Citizens are abusing their freedoms of speech to publicly display their Islamophobia and ignorance...

Debate: Attendance-based grades are fair to students


April 11, 2011

Pro By Amanda Cox At CSUN, many professors give a participation grade based on a students’ class attendance. Some people would like for you to believe this method of grading is unwarranted. But clearly, these professors are only setting students up for success and they should be able to grade...

Koester: Do your job or resign


April 10, 2011

By Antony Garcia Capitalism carries a very negative connotation, but to be honest I am a capitalist at heart. I enjoy the evolution of research and development and how it impacts the technology in our society, increasing communication and boosting efficiency in leaps and bounds. In the capitalist mechanism there is als...

The U.S. should stay out of Libya


March 30, 2011

Dajnae Wilford contributor In a press conference held on March 21, President Obama reiterated that Libyan leader Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi must step down, cease the attacks on Libyan citizens, pull his troops out, and establish electricity, water, and gas throughout Libya. The United States, UK,...

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