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Daily Sundial

The student media organization of California State University Northridge

Daily Sundial

The student media organization of California State University Northridge

Daily Sundial

(L-R) CHARLIE COX as MATT MURDOCK and ROSARIO DAWSON as CLAIRE TEMPLE in the Netflix Original Series “Marvel’s Daredevil” 
Photo: Barry Wetcher
© 2014 Netflix, Inc. All rights reserved.

Marvel shows its dark side with ‘Daredevil’

Daniel Dell-Cornejo May 6, 2015

Follow @danielvdell // With 10 films, two network television shows and plans for the next four years already in the pipeline, Marvel Studios has completely redefined the superhero movie genre. "Marvel’s...

The crowd of CSUN students that gathered in front of the stage while DJ Nick Ferrer played his set. (Jennifer C. Martinez/Contributor)

Matador Nights once again fills USU, this time with an Hawaiian theme

Daniel Dell-Cornejo April 27, 2015

The University Student Union found itself packed at Friday’s Matador Nights, which brought together over 3,400 CSUN students for a Hawaiian themed evening of food, fun and live performances. At a...

Photo credit: Kristine Delicana

The GOP budget: forget the people, let’s amp up the military!

Daniel Dell-Cornejo April 24, 2015

Fund the military! Repeal ObamaCare! No new taxes! If the Republican Party had an official mantra, that would probably be it. The GOP-controlled Senate voted March 27 to push forward their budget –...

Foot traffic streams past Uber offices on Market Street Monday evening, June 2, 2014 in San Francisco, Calif. The urban tech boom is transforming much the long-blighted mid-Market area. (Karl Mondon/Bay Area News Group/TNS)

Uber for motorcycles needs to be a thing

Daniel Dell-Cornejo April 14, 2015

Just a few years ago Uber introduced motorcycle taxis in Paris, allowing users to call a motorbike to them with just the tap of a button. Other countries, like Uganda, offer their own Uber-like services...

Cyber security: A growing industry in internet age

Daniel Dell-Cornejo April 3, 2015

Members of CSUN’s Alumni Association convened on Thursday evening in the USU’s Grand Salon for a panel on cyber security, information systems and policy-making with regards to technology. The...

Students and community members participating in the 12th annual Take Back The Night, march and chant through campus to bring awareness about sexual violence and to end rape culture, on March 20. (Matthew Delgado / Staff Photographer)

CSUN students “Take Back the Night” and rally for eradication of sexual violence

Daniel Dell-Cornejo March 20, 2015

Written by Daniel Dell-Cornejo and Loyda Betancourt Strength, survival and inspiration were among a few of the words used by speakers at CSUN’s 12th annual "Take Back the Night" event to describe...

The Sundial: File Photo

LA Elections: Matadors get out to vote

Daniel Dell-Cornejo March 3, 2015

The polls are open today for the Los Angeles city elections, which means Angelenos are going out to vote. We asked students, faculty and staff on campus why they voted.   Also Read: Northridge...

Election season begins for Associated Students

Daniel Dell-Cornejo February 25, 2015

It’s election season again at CSUN, which means all 24 Associated Students representative positions are up for grabs. Aspiring Associated Students officers are able to file for candidacy electronically...

Obamas proposal for free community college doesnt look very possible!

Obama’s proposal for free community college doesn’t look very possible!

Daniel Dell-Cornejo February 3, 2015

Earlier this month, President Obama revealed his proposal to make two years of community college free to any student willing to work for it. As expected, the president’s pitch has stirred up some debate,...

Open University offers aspiring students a chance to learn

Daniel Dell-Cornejo February 3, 2015

Wishful students who want to continue their education but are not enrolled in a CSUN program are in luck: California State University, Northridge offers a way to do just that. Open University is a California...

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