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Matadors searching for first road win of season

The Matadors baseball team has gotten off to a good start in Big West Conference play and will be looking to further that success as they travel to San Luis Obispo to face Baseball America's No. 23-ranked Cal Poly in a three-game series this weekend.

Staff Editorial, Week 11: What you?re forced to do can benefit...

We spend a large portion of our lives in some form of an educational instituion. Many high school students indifferently sit through countless math and history classes they didn't understand or appreciate. They are forced to take physical education classes and participate in exercise games like 'over the line' they don't like. If ever there was a type of approved torture that would be it.

Staff Editorial, Week 10: A.S. has priorities beyond school spirit

There are a frightening number of challenges facing students today: a recession, dismal job market, budget cuts and impaction. The Associated Students (A.S.) is charged with acting as the conservators of our trust '- not to mention our money. There has been a lot of healthy debate between candidates over the past few weeks addressing the very issues students are concerned about.

Letter to the Editor: March 19, 2009

Reading yesterday's Daily Sundial article about' the elections in El Salvador I came across an article which struck my mind as heavily 'influenced' towards a reality which would be nice if it were true yet sadly isn't. Your article portrayed the FMLN's victory in El Salvador as a great change for El Salvador and as exactly that what the country wanted.

Staff Editorial, Week 9: The Matadome could use a facelift

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill's men's basketball team, who as of last week was ranked No. 1 in the nation, plays in a building as old as many of you and has a capacity to hold almost every CSUN undergraduate.

Meet your A.S. candidates

Daily Sundial staff interviewed candidates running for Business and Economics Senator. Here are the questions that they were asked.

Take our reader survey and win movie tickets

The Daily Sundial is conducting a reader survey.' The first 25 students to take survey will win free movie passes to Miss March Wednesday Mar.11.

click here to take survey

Letter to the Editor: March 10, 2009

The article in the Daily Sundial on Feb. 26 about KCSN was very well written and I would like to add my opinion to it.' It is sad to know that the majority of CSUN students have no idea about our radio station and that those who do feel like what is played does not reflect what the students want.

Staff Editorial, Week 8: Future graduates are faced with uncertainty

In a couple months many CSUN graduates will be struggling to survive because of the current state of our economy.' All across the country people are cutting back on their expenses and spending less on luxury items and leisure activities. Companies are downsizing their work force and individuals who once had stable jobs often find themselves being laid off from careers they had invested their lives in.

Engineer invited teen to operate locomotive

WASHINGTON (AP) 'mdash; The engineer of a commuter train that crashed and killed 25 people in California last year planned to let a teenage railroad fan operate the locomotive on the night of the collision, text messaging days earlier 'mdash; 'I'm gonna do all the radio talkin' ... ur gonna run the locomotive.'

Matadors stifle No. 12 Fresno State at Invitational

The Cal State Northridge softball team went an impressive 4-1 this past weekend at the Mayfair Invitational in Lakewood. The Matadors (8-7) faced the likes of No. 12 Fresno State and BYU and came on top thanks in big part to some great pitching. Junior Deborah Duran gave the Northridge quality innings and picked up two victories.

Staff Editorial, Week 7: Ignorance has a price, we are broke

During times of crisis when nothing can go right, its easier to ignore problems and to pretend that reality is merely a figment of our imagination.

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