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Threats or student’s lives, which one is more important?

CSUN and their lack of action toward last semester's school shooting threat

The NRA, Black Panthers and gun control

I can say, without a doubt, that the United States as a gun problem. This is not an assumption. This is not even an...
gender equal cartoon

Transgender people will not be erased

In response to President 45 and his administration's decision to restrict gender based on male and female.

Dear white feminists: You don’t own the Black Lives Matter movement

The past six years have been inundated with two pivotal movements, one of which has shed light on the systemic abuse of black citizens...
cartoon drawing of a list

The tactics men and women take in order to prevent sexual...

Talking with students reveals the different ways in which men and women prevent sexual assault.
cartoon drawing

How rage is portrayed differently between men and women

Following the testimony of Brett Kavanaugh and Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, what are the characteristic differences between a woman portraying her rage and a man portraying his rage?
protesters in front of Capitol

We stand with survivors

Why protests against the Supreme Court Justice nominee, Brett Kavanaugh, are crucial during the age of the #metoo movement.
cartoon drawing

Racist tirades in the midst of the Trump Administration

Are perpetrators actually sorry for their actions once they've been held accountable, or are they just avoiding trouble?
Tennis player in purple dress

Women vs. Men: The dynamics of women in a male dominated...

Why a male-dominated society has trouble with women being vocal about issues that directly affect them.
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