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App of the Day: Trello

Trello can help students organize and plan group projects from the big picture down to the little details.

App of the Day: Beeminder

Beeminder gives committed and goal-oriented students that extra sting to keep them on track.

App of the Day: Paprika

Paprika makes it easy for students to find and save recipes, make grocery lists and meal plan.
Students dance along Brazilian dancers in costume

Cultural diversity celebrated during annual CARNAVAL

CSUN'S 19th annual CARNAVAL keeps up the tradition of celebrating the campus' cultural diversity.

App of the Day: Weebly

Weebly makes it easy for students to set up a personal website in minutes.

App of the Day: Todoist

Todoist is a free to-do list app that can help students get organized and stay on top of deadlines.

App of the Day: Headspace

Headspace is a simple-to-use meditation app that can help ease the stress that comes with midterms.

Serial at the VPAC

Serial co-creators Sarah Koenig and Julie Snyder gave fans an intimate behind-the-scenes look at the fastest podcast to reach five million downloads in iTunes...

App of the Day: Pocket

Pocket is an app which lets you save articles, videos and web pages on a cloud for later reading.

App of the Day: 7 Minute Workout Challenge

Working out can be easy if it's just for seven minutes a day.

App of the Day: Pocket Casts

When it comes to following, streaming and discovering new podcasts, Pocket Casts is the app of choice.

Exhibit celebrates Black History Month

Art, social justice and fashion exhibit in celebration of Black History Month
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