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The Department of Music Hosts the Noon Recital

The Department of Music Hosts the Noon Recital

Eliset Zapien

November 25, 2015

The CSUN music department hosted their first noon recital featuring current CSUN student KayDee Everett and several other music education students to showcase and support their talent. Javier Uribe, 20, music education major at CSUN enjoyed the performance and wants everyone to know that they really...

‘Cloud Nine’ explores sexuality through time

New play titled

Eliset Zapien

November 16, 2015

Sexuality, in all its forms, is a complicated subject to talk about and to understand. We’ve seen how it brings joy, sorrow and romance through different classic novels, but only a few stories have ever even come close to all the hormonal urges that occur. However, CSUN's theater department's production...

Reseda Art Tour honors art and community

An art tour with three forms of art pinned up one wall. FIrst: a street perspective, a portrait of Marilyn Monroe and a scene of bridge and street with bird soaring over

Eliset Zapien

November 16, 2015

For a second year in a row, the Reseda Art Tour provided a cultural destination for Angelinos across the area and build more audience in an attempt to benefit the San Fernando Valley as a whole. The self-guided tour started at the Reseda Neighborhood Council Community Space room on Sherman Way and Lindley...

Cloud Nine looks to blend comedy and drama

New play titled

Eliset Zapien

November 13, 2015

Cloud Nine is a two-act play combined together to portray a time-shifting comedy of gender and sexuality by Caryl Churchill. Ryan Lisman, 21-year-old psychology major, is one of the cast members and explains that they’ve rehearsed everyday for weeks for the premier show on Friday, Nov. 13. “We’ve...

Last minute Halloween events

John Niell shows off his pumpkin carving skills on CSUN campus.

Eliset Zapien

October 31, 2015

For some it's a holiday of costumes, ghouls, party celebrating all night and coming into work late the next morning. Regardless of reason or tastes, there are tons of events on Halloween to go around to stay fully entertained. Here's a selection of things to do on Halloween night. Panic Mountain Have you ev...

App of the day – Tree of Life: Explore

Sign reading:

Eliset Zapien

October 29, 2015

There is an iPad app developed specifically for Introductory Biology level students or former students who just want to simply refresh their memory on the basics of biology. This particular app lets you play with that is called ‘the Tree of Life’ that contains 100 taxa and 50 synapomorphies from...

Do below average test scores affect college admission?

An illustration depicts a student struggling to focus in a college class.

Eliset Zapien

October 15, 2015

Standardized tests aim to provide accurate snapshots of a student's achievement and new results released from the Department of Education early in September reveal only 44 percent of students scored at grade level or better in English, while 34 percent did so in math. However, for the Los Angeles Unified School District, the...

“Idiot’s Delight” brings plenty of laughter in play adaptation

Eliset Zapien

October 12, 2015

"Idiot’s Delight" provided the comedic twist everyone hoped it would give in it's opening night on Oct. 9. “We have been practicing the weekend before school started,” said cast member Stephen Torrey, who played the social manager of the hotel. “So about six-to-eight weeks now. I really hope...

Idiot’s Delight: What to expect from a WWII dramatic comedy

Eliset Zapien

October 8, 2015

Idiot's Delight will have its opening night Friday, Oct. at 7 p.m for everyone's entertainment. This student production is based off of a 1939 movie where people are caught stuck in a hotel lounge just when WWII is about to loom. Because WWII was just a hard time for everyone, traveling became harder...

Social media reaction to CSUN Big Show, sexual assault

Neon Sign that reads

Eliset Zapien

October 6, 2015

Hundreds of students were at CSUN for its 15th annual Big Show event with rapper Tyga and DJ Carnage last weekend. However, a female CSUN student who had been denied access to Big Show due to overcapacity issues was sexually assaulted Saturday night while walking through an alley between Vincennes...

Tech Fest brings together STEM majors, potential employers

Eliset Zapien

September 30, 2015

Members of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory [JPL] and the Aerospace Corporation, along with more than 38 companies gave insight about working in the professional field to CSUN students on Wednesday. Tech Fest was hosted by Career Center members and aimed to give students the chance to break away from their schedule and spend time networking with ...

“Diavolo” stuns in VPAC’s opening weekend

Performers fly across the stage at the VPAC's showing of DIAVOLO, showing off some team work stunts. ( Alejandro Aranda / The Sundial)

Eliset Zapien

September 21, 2015

The Valley Performing Arts Center welcomes their first event of the 2015-2016 season with architecture in motion, Diavolo. This year the VPAC's calendar if full of innovative programming and entertainment aimed too appeal to CSUN's 40,000 students plus the larger community of the Valley. Yet, Saturday...

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