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Chegg offers free study program for finals week

Fredy Tlatenchi December 3, 2012

In an effort to raise morale and hope among CSUN students taking their final exams within the coming weeks, Chegg, a privately owned company, will run a free Virtual Study week on their website from Dec....

Prostitution should not be legalized

Fredy Tlatenchi November 27, 2012

Originally born 40 years ago in El Salvador, Amber, whose name has been changed at her request, has lived in the United States for the majority of her life. Petite and strawberry blonde, I first met...

“The Situation” comic book, WTF

Fredy Tlatenchi November 7, 2012

Nothing breaks up a family, not super-powered grudge matches or comic book art with scattered line work that’s reminiscent of the 1990s. Produced by Wizard World, Inc. and written by Eisner winning...

Long Beach Comic Con Day 2

Fredy Tlatenchi November 7, 2012

The Long Beach Comic Con did not disappoint on its final day, offering numerous panels that appealed to visitors from all walks of life and beliefs. Ending on Nov. 4, the first Sunday panel was a first...

Students learn to love their bodies

Fredy Tlatenchi October 28, 2012

Thursday saw the closing of Love Your Body Week at CSUN, a four-day event promoting self acceptance and debunking unattainable body standards enforced by today’s media and society. Beginning Oct....

Love Your Body week comes to CSUN

Fredy Tlatenchi October 21, 2012

Love Your Body Week begins Oct. 22 and CSUN is partnering with the Media and Public Health Act Project (MPHA)  and the National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA) to offer students fitness classes and...

Student alters life goals after studying abroad

Student alters life goals after studying abroad

Fredy Tlatenchi September 17, 2012

Born in Seoul, South Korea, 23-year-old Won Gi Lee traveled a large portion of the world before settling down in Northridge. With his mother and military stepfather, Won Gi Lee was kind of an Army...

Sex apps beneficial only when used in moderation

Fredy Tlatenchi September 4, 2012

  Since what seems like the beginning of time, ticking hormone-bombs faced a wonderful dilemma: they wanted no-strings attached sex. And up until 10 years ago, people in search of partners...

Stan “The Man” Lee opens up about maintaining a career at 89-years-old

Fredy Tlatenchi August 29, 2012

And Stan the Man is starring in those blockbusters, himself. Now, in addition to his beloved cameo appearances in films that include Spider-Man, The Fantastic Four, X-Men and other Marvel superhero films,...

The sex divider: how to keep your private life private from your roommate

The sex divider: how to keep your private life private from your roommate

Fredy Tlatenchi August 28, 2012

Freshman year for Gail Castillo was excruciatingly memorable. The then 18-year-old graduated high school with honors, began a life of semi-independence in the dorms of UC Berkeley and walked in...

StoryCube project returns to CSUN

Fredy Tlatenchi May 11, 2012

In an effort to record the personal stories of the CSUN community, an anthropology professor will be bringing back the StoryCube project during commencement week. The project, spearheaded by professor...

Two young men challenge traditional ideas about gender and masculinity

Fredy Tlatenchi May 9, 2012

He doesn’t look gay. In your life have you muttered that statement or at least of thought it? It’s a sentence that relies heavily on old stereotypes produced by our culture. He doesn’t look gay...

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