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Bookstore advertisements condescendingly goofy

A phrase as simple as "Wrong book: them, right book: us" seems to be an almost primitive tactic in the world of marketing. ...

Bloggers become new watchdogs in the media

E ason Jordan's resignation from CNN has seemed to make many people aware of a new revolution that's taking place....

Women’s ‘obligations’ expose shortsightedness, sexism

A friend once told me he didn't think women were entitled to equal rights. "The feminist movement is inconsistent," he said. "On...

Churchill: The new American provocateur

Recently, Dr. Ward Churchill has been getting a lot of media attention for his book "On the Justice of Roosting...

Free speech becomes partisan game for academia

Academic freedom, rightly understood, is necessary for the function of a university. As investigators, professors must be able to question claims...
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