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Bookstore advertisements condescendingly goofy

Guest Columnist February 22, 2005

A phrase as simple as "Wrong book: them, right book: us" seems to be an almost primitive tactic in the world of marketing. But it is apparently enough to sway even the most business-minded student into...

Bloggers become new watchdogs in the media

Guest Columnist February 21, 2005

E ason Jordan's resignation from CNN has seemed to make many people aware of a new revolution that's taking place. And much like Gil Scott Heron predicted in the 1970s, this revolution will not be...

Churchill: The new American provocateur

Guest Columnist February 17, 2005

Recently, Dr. Ward Churchill has been getting a lot of media attention for his book "On the Justice of Roosting Chickens." The section of the text garnering the most negative press is Churchill's...

Free speech becomes partisan game for academia

Guest Columnist February 17, 2005

Academic freedom, rightly understood, is necessary for the function of a university. As investigators, professors must be able to question claims made by conventional wisdom in order to determine the...

Women’s ‘obligations’ expose shortsightedness, sexism

Guest Columnist February 17, 2005

A friend once told me he didn't think women were entitled to equal rights. "The feminist movement is inconsistent," he said. "On the one hand, they demand the right to vote, equal pay, and equal opportunity...

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