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Homo-Americans deserve the same civil rights

Hansook Oh

April 18, 2011

Our country has deep divides in opinion about sexual orientation and same-sex relationships. Are gays born that way, and if so, is being gay a counter-evolutionary mutation? Is it a lifestyle choice to have same-sex relationships and are those relationships legitimate enough for marriage? Can one’s...

One Asian’s thank-you note to UCLA student’s library rant

Hansook Oh

March 22, 2011

By Hansook Oh Do you ever have trouble reaching epiphanies in the library because every fifteen minutes, an Asian suddenly screams out “Ching-chong, ling-long, ting-tong” into their phone? If so, you have reason to be more afraid than annoyed. At the University of California, Los Angeles, a...

Court proceedings against student protesters halted

Hansook Oh

February 17, 2011

The city has resolved to not continue pursuing criminal charges against five students arrested during March 4 demonstrations against budget cuts, due to new findings in the discovery process. Under a legal agreement called “informal diversion,” CSUN students Jose Gomez, 22, Justin Marks, 22...

Kill switch dangerous without oversight

Hansook Oh

February 15, 2011

Senate Democrats re-introduced a bill last month that would give power to the president to declare a “cyber emergency” and shut down vital parts of the Internet. The bill does not allow for any judicial review of any such emergency measures. If we allow our executive branch to be free from judicial...

Asian studies deserves a chance

Hansook Oh

February 1, 2011

California State University, Los Angeles will suspend their Asian and Asian American Studies program for the next three years despite its large Asian American population and protests from students, faculty and the greater Los Angeles community. Putting a hold on this program now is myopic, detrimental...

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