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Daily Sundial

The student media organization of California State University Northridge

Daily Sundial

The student media organization of California State University Northridge

Daily Sundial

‘Pettigrew’ brightens the day but doesn’t break the mold

Hilda Yeghishian March 25, 2008
The verdict is in?everyone needs a Miss Pettigrew in their lives. The film "Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day" portrays Miss Guinevere Pettigrew (Frances McDormand-think "Friends with Money," "Something's Gotta Give," and "Almost Famous"), a socially awkward, unlucky English governess (nanny) who finds herself out of yet another job and living on the streets of London.

‘Bee Movie’ buzzes with comedy and eco-friendly concerns

Hilda Yeghishian November 8, 2007
Bee Movie" definitely validates the term "busy bee," as Barry and the rest of the bee clan produce more honey than one hive can ever consume in its lifetime, fight the unjust human population and save the world from total devastation in the comical family friendly animated film from the creative minds at Dreamwork Pictures.

‘SNL’ comedian Tina Fey joins NBC in office comedy ’30 Rock’

Hilda Yeghishian October 11, 2007
Tina Fey is best known for her comedic writing and acting in "Saturday Night Live," but there was a time when this witty woman of words and laughter was more of a socially awkward self-proclaimed "clean-living drama department nerd." "I hung around the drama department all the time and hit on gay guys," said Fey, during a teleconference on Oct.

Universal Studios Hollywood kicks off Halloween Horror Nights

Hilda Yeghishian October 11, 2007
Calling all zombies, monsters, ghosts and goblins, Universal Studios Hollywood Halloween Horror Nights is back with yet another 10 days of creatures from all walks of life and enough spooks, blood, gore and more for even the most Halloween crazed fan. The Eyegore Awards kicked off the opening night of Halloween Horror Nights, and the event did not disappoint as the Zombies and other celebrities took the red carpet.

‘As it is in Heaven,’ the Shakers’ fight to create heaven on earth

Hilda Yeghishian September 27, 2007
CSUN theatre students came together under the direction of professor Anamarie Dwyer to perform comedic yet inspirational historical play "As it is in Heaven." "As it is in Heaven," a new play by Arlene Hutton, is a portrayal of a Shaker community found in the middle of Kentucky in the 1830s.

‘Hair’ continues to grow despite historical conflicts

Hilda Yeghishian September 27, 2007
I am a human being, number 1005963297. Just another number." Although the long running tribal love-rock musical "Hair" is filled with inspirational songs and characters all promoting love, equality and free-will, this one line, which is repeated only twice by main character Claude (James Barry), remains as one of the strongest and truest when concerning the American government.

Outdoor theatre wraps up another year of free Shakespeare

Hilda Yeghishian September 6, 2007
The Independent Shakespeare Company wrapped up its fourth summer of "Free Shakespeare in Barnsdall Park" on Sept. 2 with its final performance of "A Midsummer Night's Dream." The dynamic characters originally found in William Shakespeare's play were well represented by the experienced actors of the ISC.

Racy art exhibit portrays Golden Girls in a new light

Hilda Yeghishian August 30, 2007
In 1985, four elderly women gave a new meaning to being older than 60 and single. They were known as the "Golden Girls" and without a doubt they never failed to meet audience expectations. With their great comedic timing and overactive sex drives, the characters known as Blanche, Dorothy, Rose and Sophia portrayed divorced or widowed woman who were now roommates and spent their time gabbing about the new men in their lives while quarreling about their personal differences.

New play depicts troops’ struggle

Hilda Yeghishian July 6, 2007
As chaos continues at home and overseas, six soldiers struggle to not only physically survive in the war in Iraq but also scrounge to find peace of mind with their surroundings. "The Dogs of Baghdad," an original play written by Gary Jacobelly and directed by Sean Fenton, tells the story of these men while presenting the dichotomy in their outlook on life in the war.

Class experiment causes tension at A.S. finance committee meeting

Hilda Yeghishian May 15, 2007
A "comical" experiment run by students in a recreation and tourism management course caused tension at the Associated Students finance committee meeting on Monday. Jim Palmer, a student in the RTM 280 course and current member of the finance committee, placed the funding request and represented the class at the meeting.

Lecture series allocation made in spite of A.S. committee’s decision

Hilda Yeghishian May 8, 2007
Despite Associated Students finance committee members' decision on April 23 to postpone deliberation concerning the recommended allocation for the Speak Your Mind lecture series, the A.S. Senate has now voted on and approved a budget of $15,001 at the request of A.

A.S. Finance faces major leadership changes in 2007-08

Hilda Yeghishian May 1, 2007
Associated Students Director of Finance Adam Haverstock, along with the A.S. finance committee's assistant director and two board members, will be leaving the committee at the end of this fiscal year. Haverstock, who has been elected A.S. president for next year, and his current assistant director of finance, Josh Hansen, who has been elected vice president, will be assuming their respective positions near the end of this semester.
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