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Video: Vanishing Jobs

Here is a brief video conducted by AP about the rising amounts of Vanishing Jobs

Need tips on saving money

In addition to what Kerstin wrote, here is another cool website that gives tips out to kids, parents, and teachers about how to use...

The bailout is law

The historic 700 billion dollar bailout plan for Wall Street is officially approved. Within hours after the House voted in favor of the bill...

Coming Up

I want to update our readers on some of the bigger themes our blog will be following this semester. We, that is Jacky...

Week on Wall Street

This has been a stormy week on Wall Street. First, Monday's bankruptcy and closure of financial giant Lehman Brothers. Then, Bank of America acquired...

‘American Hi-Fi’ perform energetic show at Troubadour

The alternative rock group "American Hi- Fi" performed at the Troubadour in West Hollywood on Friday night to a full room of excited fans. The rock band is composed of Stacy Jones, the lead singer, Jamie Arentzen on guitar, Drew Parsons on the bass and Brian Nolan on drums.
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