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  • August 11Joe Biden selects CA Senator Kamala Harris as VP running mate
  • August 10CORONAVIRUS DAILY UPDATE: 1,920 new cases, 19 deaths in L.A. County

Campus ready for more El Niño weather

Heavy rain falls in front of Jacaranda Hall. This semester will see plenty of rain due to El Nino year. (File Photo / The Sundial)

James Fike

February 2, 2016

With more heavy rainfall expected from El Niño, CSUN is prepared to keep the campus as functional as possible. Drainage is the main concern around campus. One of the preventative steps CSUN has taken is to inspect all roof and overflow drains. The biggest concern with the drains is draining blo...

Is craft beer trending?

Display of eight beers in a Beer and Wine store.

James Fike

November 2, 2015

Beer, a concoction that can be traced back to the times of early Mesopotamia, is something that is always changing and evolving. The categories and variations of beer seem to be endless, especially with the recent craft beer craze.What constitutes a beer being "craft" is the brewer, not the style of ...

The art of creating craft beer

(Andre J. Jackson/Detroit Free Press/MCT)

James Fike

March 9, 2015

It has been a long time since people were swept up in the ideals of Ford-ism. Mass production is not appealing anymore.People want quality products. They want something made with care. This is why craft products are so big right now. Craft, by definition, is something that is made by hand and with e...

Yik Yuck: A look into the anonymous app

Yik Yak allows college students to anonymously post messages about their anxieties, complaints and general observations. (Photo courtesy iTunes App Store/TNS)

James Fike

March 4, 2015

Freedom is something that is very important to Americans. Along with the right to bear arms, freedom of speech is what makes this country great, but is there such a thing as too much freedom? Freedom is something that is often misunderstood and often abused. Yik Yak is a great example of this abuse....

The battle between light and dark beer

The battle between light and dark beer

James Fike

March 2, 2015

Beer, a beverage that could be traced as far back as Mesopotamia. It's an intricate and complex beverage that has many varieties. If I had to break beer into two major groups, it would be dark beer and light beer. Light beers are classified by many factors, but two of the qualities that are referred...

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