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How To Find The Best Of the Best in Whatever Product You Need

October 18, 2021

  Over the years, the consumer experience has evolved time and again to reflect not only the way that the world is moving but also the shifting expectations and ideals of consumers on a grand international...

couple talking online video chat

Online Dating Sites Surge as Pandemic Continues 

October 18, 2021

  In the U.S. alone, there are 44.2 million people who engage in online dating, with dating sites raking in roughly $602 million annually. Additionally, according to Pew Research, 54 percent...

portrait of a man with brown hair and blue eyes

How Jeremy Diamond’s Advocacy For Victims’ Rights

October 13, 2021

Over the years, Diamond & Diamond lawyers have become champions for personal injury victims. People know them for their advocacy to give voice to those who seek justice. Behind this continued...

Businesswoman suffering from pain of lower back

Christopher Lee, Buffalo Fitness Trainer, Explains How to Counteract Sitting All Day

October 13, 2021

  It’s no surprise that sitting all day does some pretty significant damage to our bodies over time. Research has linked excessive sitting with an elevated risk of health conditions like...

man wearing a mask delivering to groceries to mask-wearing woman

Nutrition and the Pandemic – How Nutrition Impacts Susceptibility to COVID-19 

October 13, 2021

Most people understand the profound impact food and nutrition have on overall health. A diet filled with too many carbs, for instance, can lead to type 2 diabetes. Too much salt in the diet is bad...

Side view of a muscular couple doing abdominal ball exercise

Looking for a New Career? These Top Programs Teach You to Become a Certified Personal Trainer 

October 11, 2021

  Enter the personal trainer field if you have a high school diploma and love helping others become as physically fit as yourself. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, median pay...

two men with their arms crossed in an X position

Racial discrimination?  — Not in my company! 

October 7, 2021

  Racial discrimination is illegal in most countries, but non-white workers are still facing prejudice in many companies.  Although most workplaces consist of a multi-color and multi-nationality...

Equal pay concept and gender wage gap symbol as a man and woman pulling apart a generic dollar as a financial compensation metaphor for equality

The Benefits and Downsides of Pay Transparency

October 1, 2021

  Pay transparency is a popular topic, as many businesses are trying to be more transparent about salaries within the company. Some companies are trying to achieve pay equality by being more transparent. ...

sad woman sitting alone in a empty room

How To Prevent The Scourge Of Mental Illness

September 29, 2021

Popular wisdom has is that the teens and early 20s are the best years of one’s life when, unburdened by professional or personal responsibilities, one can live to the fullest. Those years are perhaps...

hand writing fad diets dont work

Why Fad Diets Are So Out of Style

September 29, 2021

If you survived the many diet fads of 2020, you know that the keto diet reigned supreme as the diet of choice for many people. Because the keto diet consists of foods high in fat and low on carbs,...

The word Diversity in cut out magazine letters pinned to a cork notice board

10 Ways The Beauty Industry Is Becoming More Inclusive

September 27, 2021

When it comes to beauty, we have ONE thing in common- we are all different! While we are all human, we differ in race, age, religion, ability, size, gender identity, and sexuality. Each of us has a...

woman meditating on the beach

The Benefits of Meditation 

September 27, 2021

Meditation is a practice where individuals use various techniques, such as focusing on a particular object to enhance their self-awareness and attention. People from different parts of the world have...

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