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  • October 19CORONAVIRUS DAILY UPDATE: 923 new cases, 1 dead in L.A. County

Wireless companies warn users of charges

Joelle Katz

October 31, 2011

Cellphone users may want to think before ignoring unknown phone numbers; it might be their wireless carrier saving them money. Wireless cellphone companies have agreed to send warning alerts to customers before billing them for unexpected charges, Julius Genachowski, Federal Communications Commission...

Flexible thinking for bilingual babies

Eliza Cholakin, CSUN alumnae , holds her five-month-old daughter Emma. Cholakin plans to teach her daughter to speak both English and Armenian. Photo Credit: Tessie Navarro / Visual Editor

Joelle Katz

October 19, 2011

Correction: The spelling of Mrs. Cholakian's last name was spelled incorrectly in both the print and online versions of this story. The ability to check off the bilingual box on a job application may not be the only benefit to speaking more than one language, especially when it comes to young childre...

Over 300 CSUN students participate in AIDS Walk Los Angeles

Ida Slapia, Kay Chingona, Miso Horny of the West Hollywood Cheerleaders come to show their support at the 27th annual AIDS Walk Los Angeles event.

Joelle Katz

October 17, 2011

Clarification 10/18: The original article lacked context of Shanique Cruther's comment as to why toothpaste was the required donation for the bus ride.  AIDS/HIV patients have a lowered immune system, which in turn, can make them more susceptible to contracting thrush, a yeast infection that develo...

CSUN mechanical engineers gear up green machine for competition

Joelle Katz

October 10, 2011

The physical activity needed to go green does not only involve lifting your arm to the recycling bin anymore. CSUN mechanical engineering students will present their green exercise machine at the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers Conference in Anaheim on Oct. 27. This year’s conferenc...

Emergency alerts delayed for some students, faculty and parents

The first of many emergency notification texts students, professors and staff received from CSUN on Tuesday, September 27. Many, like Jaiseth Caraan, communications major, 24, did not recieve their texts until later on that night.

Joelle Katz

October 5, 2011

Emergency alerts warning students, faculty and parents of a possible gunman on campus last Tuesday were sent around 11:45 a.m., over an hour after police were notified. However, some people admitted to not receiving the message until later in the day, if at all. CTVA professor Thelma Vickroy s...

CSUN gunman alerts not quick enough

Joelle Katz

September 28, 2011

Timeliness played a large issue in the campus alerts sent out on Tuesday regarding a suspected gunman on campus. Just recently, in July, a gunman went into a camp in Norway and shot and killed scores of people within only an hour’s time. It took longer than this brief period to inform CSUN students...

Social media keeps CSUN students informed about suspected gunman in Oviatt Library

Joelle Katz

September 27, 2011

Social media played a key role in keeping the CSUN campus informed Tuesday as officials searched for a suspected gunman. English major Eduard Cabanban was in the Oviatt Library when the police were first contacted and the building was evacuated. Cabanban said he was writing an essay on the third...

$2 Million granted to Asian Bilingual Program

Joelle Katz

September 26, 2011

For the next five years, a $2 million grant will be portioned out to CSUN’s Asian Bilingual Teacher Education Program Consortium from the U.S. Department of Education. This is the second multi-million dollar grant obtained by Dr. Clara Park, secondary education professor and developer of the co...

CSUN’s 4-Year graduation rate too low

Joelle Katz

September 25, 2011

CSUN is labeled as a “four-year-university,” yet the majority of their students take longer than the advertised time to graduate. According to College Navigator, CSUN’s four-year graduation rate is roughly 14 percent. The average six-year graduation rate is between 41 and 48 percent and the avera...

Question of the day: Are Laptops becoming a dying breed?

Joelle Katz

September 5, 2011

Are Laptops becoming a dying breed? With Apple starting a revolution in 2010, introducing the iPad, computer companies have begun joining the shift in technology, each coming up with their own version of a computer tablet. Although similar touchpad tablets had been around almost a decade before the...

New sports recreation center is under way

Construction Update: The Student Recreation Center (SRC) keeps evolving at a great pace to open its doors in the Spring of 2012. Simon Gambaryan / Daily Sundial

Joelle Katz

August 31, 2011

The new recreation center will open in January 2012 and construction is on schedule, sparking student excitement for the campus amenity. “I use the smaller one in between classed, I loved it,” said Jason Duarte, cinema and television major. “Something bigger would be great.” Some he...

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