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Active shooter preparedness

Poster reading pointers on how to survive and active shooter
Kianna Hendricks March 2, 2018

Student volunteers pretended to lay dead, officers carried fake guns, dummies imitating bodies were dragged and officers communicated over their radios while acting out scenario-based drills. Preparing...

President Harrison assembles task force to address General Education Program

students hold signs of protest to keep section F
Kianna Hendricks February 14, 2018

CSU Chancellor Timothy White issued Executive Order 1100, an order that would eliminate the requirement of ethnic, gender, women's and cultural classes in Section F along with other changes to the General...

SFV’s hip-hop artists to watch for in 2018

album cover of a Polaroid with MYC written
Kianna Hendricks January 24, 2018

1. Souleaux Former CSUN student Jacques Guidry, professionally known as Souleaux, released his debut album "M.Y.C." on New Years Day. His lyrics reflect on existence, growth, the experience of being...

25 affirmations to carry into the new year

planner reading 2018 New Years Resolutions
Kianna Hendricks January 19, 2018

New year, new you. Sure we say that every year but this year we mean it, right? Whether it’s becoming a gym rat, finally getting that 4.0 or just being unapologetically yourself, we all have goals...

Q&A: Behind the flu shot with the Klotz Center

drawing of girl washing her hands
Kianna Hendricks November 29, 2017

It's flu season again and commercials, as well as advertisements, are popping up everywhere advocating for the flu shot . The Center of Disease and Control recommends those over six months old get the...

Sustainability Center organizes a week long e-waste recycling drive

girl in black and red sweater holding orange colored device
Kianna Hendricks November 9, 2017

Associated Students sustainability will be hosting an electronic waste drive from Nov. 7 through Nov. 14. Students can drop off their old electronics at the Sustainability Center daily from 11:00 a.m....

Manage stress and anxiety through mindfulness: Beginners’ apps to meditation

A screenshot of the Headspace app interface and Headspace animations, showing a lists of
Kianna Hendricks November 7, 2017

Anxiety has now surpassed depression as the leading mental health issue among college students, according to a Penn State study. The symptoms of stress and anxiety look different on everyone, from insomnia...

Associated Students Sustainability Center opens its doors for the first time

sustainability center building entrance
Kianna Hendricks November 4, 2017

A year after breaking ground, the anticipated Associated Students Sustainability Center had it’s grand opening ceremony Oct. 26, becoming the first California State University with one.After the...

CSUN’s filmmakers challenge the lack of diversity in the entertainment industry

Three people stand together looking from right to left with paintings behind them
Kianna Hendricks October 9, 2017

Every semester, Cinema and Television Arts students pitch their screenplays in hopes to be chosen to film and produce their ideas. Alumna Desirée Castro was one of four students to get this opportunity...

CSU looks to make textbooks more affordable

Girl pictured in the bookstore browsing the books
Kianna Hendricks September 23, 2017

Spending hundreds of dollars on textbooks each semester has become the norm for many students and College Board estimates they spend an average of $1,250 on textbooks and supplies yearly. The Affordable...

Weekly Picks: Live comedy, Levi Ponce art, Football games, and more

Blonde woman with short hair pictured sitting at a bar
Kianna Hendricks September 19, 2017

ExpressionsWednesday, September 20Three Wednesday’s this semester the Pub Sports Grill in the USU is hosting a free open mic night! Bring your favorite poems, songs or thoughts to share with the...

Activist Bree Newsome delivers ‘awakening’ speech

girl wearing a bright red dress and large earrings stands at the podium
Kianna Hendricks September 16, 2017

"Put both of your feet flat on the ground, sit up straight and take a couple of deep breaths. Breathe in, breathe out. Breathe in, breathe out."This was the opening demonstration Bree Newsome, freshman...

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